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  • Descriptive List of Illustrations ix
  • Introduction xxi
    • 1. A Private View of Early American Diplomacy xxi.
    • 2. The Family in Wartime xxviii.
    • 3. Notes on Editorial Method and the Status of the Edition as a Whole xxxvii.
  • Acknowledgments xliii
  • Guide to Editorial Apparatus xlvi
    • 1. Textual Devices xlvi.
    • 2. Adams Family Code Names xlvi.
    • 3. Descriptive Symbols xlvii.
    • 4. Location Symbols xlviii.
    • 5. Other Abbreviations and Conventional Terms xlix.
    • 6. Short Titles of Works Frequently Cited l.
  • Family Correspondence, April 1778–September 1780 1
  • Addendum: Enclosure in James Lovell to Abigail Adams, 5 June 1779 426
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