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[Commissioners to John Daniel Schweighauser]

[salute] Sir

We have received your Letter of the fourth instant,1 and in answer to it We beg leave to say, that We approve of your refusal of the twelve hundred Livres to Mr. William Morris, and for the future, We expect that you pursue the same line of Conduct and advance Money to no Person whatsoever upon our Account or in expectation that we shall repay it, without our express orders.
You are not entituled to pay any Captains orders, or Bills, upon any Occasion whatsoever, without our previous instructions.… Goods not Money are to be provided for the Captains: and these goods are to extend no further, than necessary repairs of their Ships, necessary Victuals for their Companies, and one Suit of Cloaths for each Person, to be delivered to the Captain, or such Officer as he shall direct, to be delivered to the People as they shall want, and charged to the Individuals on the Ships Books, that they may be deducted out of their Pay.
As to the Prize, if she should arrive, you will dispose of her, in concert with Captain Whipple, as he and you shall think best, for the Interest of the Public and the Captors.2
Mr. Monthieu has offered Us, the Flammand to go to America, upon { 135 } Freight to carry the goods which We have now on hand. We desire you, to inform Us, what freight We ought to give for this Ship, that We may know whether it is for the public Interest to hire this Vessell or not. We have the honor to be &c.
[signed] Signed B. Franklin,
[signed] Arthur Lee,
[signed] John Adams.

[addrLine] Mr. Schweighauser

P.S. Captain Jones's Expences to and from Paris, you will please to pay and charge to the Public Account.
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