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[Commissioners to John Daniel Schweighauser]

[salute] Sir

We had this day the honour of your Letter of the 18th. of June,8 and are obliged to you for the Information you have given Us, concerning the freight of Ships.
{ 141 }
We have ordered Captains Whipple and Jones to prepare their Frigates forthwith to return home, and have ordered them to take on board, as many Arms or other Stores as they can, without Obstructing them in sailing or fighting, And no more, of which they are to inform you, that you may order them on Board accordingly. There are some Arms repaired, which We wish to have sent on board those Ships, if they can take them, or any of them.
We inclose you, Resolutions of Congress concerning the distribution of Prizes,9 by which you will govern yourself in the distribution of those of the Providence and the Ranger. The Drake belongs wholly to the Captors. The Bounties upon Men and Guns are not to be paid by Us or by you, but by Congress in America, untill they shall order otherwise. That part of the other Prizes, which by the Resolutions of Congress, belongs to the United States, you will receive, and giving Us notice of the Value or amount of it, will carry to the Credit of the United States subject to our orders.
We have a prospect of exchanging the Prisoners, and have ordered returns of them all to be made to Us, that We may transmit them to England.
[signed] Signed B. Franklin,
[signed] Arthur Lee,
[signed] John Adams.

[addrLine] Mr. Schweighauser.

N.B. Admiral Byrons Fleet, having sailed, and probably for America, it is desired that the Notice sent of its having been countermanded, may not be sent to America.
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