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Suffolk Superior Court, Boston, ca. 1769–March 1770
[seal] Province of Massachusetts Bay Suffolk SsTo the Selectmen of the Town of Brooklyn in said County Greeting
You are hereby notified that by his Majestys Writ of Certiorari bearing Test the 27th. day of July last, the Record of the Process { 319 } Order and Sentence of the Court of general Sessions of the peace held at Boston in and for said County of Suffolk by adjournment on the 7th day of November last2 upon your petition relating to the Charge and Expence of supporting John Chaddock with his Wife and Children, paupers, are removed before his Majesty in his Superior Court of Judicature &ca. now holden at Boston aforesaid for said County of Suffolk: and that the Town of Roxbury have alledged certain Errors in the said Record, and pray'd that the said Order and Judgment may be reversed annulled and vacated: and further that the same be tried and finally adjudged before his Majesty in his superior Court of Judicature &ca. now holden at Boston aforesaid for said County and that you may be present and heard thereon if you see meet.
[signed] By order of Court, Saml. Winthrop Cler.
I have Notified Benja. White and Isaac Winchester the Select men of the town of Broockline to be present a Cording to this Sitation By Reading and Suffering them to Read the Same.
[signed] Per Benja. Cudworth Deputy Sheriff
The Services 2/
1. SF 102089, signed and subscribed as printed.
2. An inadvertence for Nov. 1768, the date of the Sessions hearing. See Doc. III. The error is probably accounted for by the language of the writ itself, dated 27 July 1769, which referred to the hearing in “November last.” See Doc. V.
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