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Docno: ADMS-06-08-02-0217-0002

Author: Gardoqui, Joseph & Sons (business)
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1780-01-31

Enclosure: Invoice from Joseph Gardoqui & Sons to John Adams

Invoice of Sundries shipp'd per the Phinix James Babson master for Newburyport on Account of the Honble. John Adams Esq.
No. 1 a 2.                      
1.   A Case containing                    
  4. Dozn. of tumblers     a 8.   rials     48.2          
  2. Do  Cups     8.   do.     16.       48.    
2.   a Barrell                    
  6. lb. Green tea     a 60.   rs.     360.          
  1. Dozn. Knifes           80.          
  1. Dozn. Forks           80.          
  1. Pce. of holland linen 27¼ v s.3   a 11.   rs.     299.   254        
  6. Do  Do.    150. do   8       1200.          
  6. Dozn. Barcelona Handkffs   a 104.       624.          
  12. Do  Do     102.       1224.       3867.   25  
Case, Barrell, packing and carriage paid             84.   9  
    Bal. ser               4,000.5    
[signed] Joseph Gardoqui & Sons
{ 339 }
The content of all or some notes that appeared on this page in the printed volume has been moved to the end of the preceding document.
RC and enclosure (Adams Papers).
1. This invoice is reproduced in vol. 3 of Adams Family Correspondence, facing p. 117.
2. An error for 32.
3. That is, 27¼ varas. The vara, a Spanish unit of measurement, equaled approximately 33 inches (OED).
4. The correct figure is 299.75.
5. Four thousand reals equals 500 pesos or, as they were also known, dollars. This is considerably more than the sum mentioned in the first paragraph of this letter, assuming that JA had given his order in terms of dollars as the equivalent of pesos.
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