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5. In the last paragraph of his letter to James Warren of 24 July, which was intercepted and published by the British, JA spoke of “the Oddity of a great Man,” meaning Gen. Charles Lee. “He is a queer Creature. But you must love his Dogs if you love him, and forgive a thousand whims for the Sake of the Soldier and the Scholar” (Warren-Adams Letters, 1:89). Writing JA on 5 Oct., Lee declared himself flattered by these remarks, and added in a postscript: “Spada sends his love to You and declares in very intelligible language that He has far'd much better since your allusion to him, for he is carress'd now by all ranks, sexes and Ages” (Adams Papers).
AA's spelling “Sparder” for Spada is a revealing example of New England phonetic or orthographic overcompensation or both.
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