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4. Elizabeth Hunt Palmer, who was married to Joseph Pearse Palmer, gave birth to a daughter, Sophia, on 2 Sept., allegedly fathered by Royall Tyler. In 1794 Tyler married Sophia's half-sister Mary, the Palmer's eldest daughter, and about 1798, Sophia went to live with the Tylers in Vermont. Sophia's paternity was never openly acknowledged by either the Palmers or Tylers, but it was known to later generations of the Cranch and Palmer families (Grandmother Tyler's Book, p. 47, 268–269, 283–284, 287–288, 291, 296–297; MHi: Caroline Wells Healey Dall Papers, Diary, 7 Oct. 1842; Bruce Ronda, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody: A Reformer on Her Own Terms, Cambridge, 1999, p. 17–29).
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