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4. The notes that follow are in part quotations or translations and in part paraphrases of two works on civil law JA was studying, namely Wood’s New Institute of the Imperial or Civil Law (see bk. 3, ch. 9) and Johannes van Muyden’s Compendiosa institutionum Justiniana tractatio (see Titulus XXX, “Quibus Modis Tollitur Obligatio”). It has been necessary to resort to the passages JA was abstracting in order to construct an even passably readable text of these notes, because they were written in a highly abbreviated form and with little regard for punctuation. Gaps in language and sense remain, and even those passages directly translated from Latin are faulty. It is clear that the diarist’s mind was not on his books when he made these memoranda, but was “roving from Girls to friends” and other matters not closely related to law.
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