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1. Rex v. Corbet, No. 56. Longman v. Mein; Wright & Gill v. Mein, No. 12. Rex v. Ross, No. 60. Rex v. Richardson, No. 59. Folger v. The Cornelia, No. 45. Sewall v. Hancock, No. 46. Dowse v. 33 Hogsheads of Molasses, No. 47. Sheaffe v. The Triton, No. 48. Dowse v. 19 Casks of Molasses, No. 49. Butler v. The Union,50. King v. Stewart, No. 2. See also Robinson v. Otis, SCJ Rec. 1772, fol. 109; Min. Bk. 95, SCJ Suffolk, Aug. 1772, C–40; SF 102135; 2 JA, Diary and Autobiography47–48. Pierpont and Davis v. Cutler, SF 152615, 152686; Min, Bk. 90, SCJ Worcester, Sept. 1771, C–9; Min. Bk. 97, SCJ Worcester, Sept. 1772, C–5; SCJ Rec. 1771, fol. 140; SCJ Rec. 1772, fols. 124–125; 2 JA, Diary and Autobiography8–9. Gailer v. Trevett, vol. 1:41 above. Richards v. Doble, vol. 1:39 above.
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