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108. The account is set out below:
Sums expended in the defence of Capt: Thos: Preston, Corpl: Willm: Wemyss, & 7 Private men of the 29th: Regiment, on acct: of a prosecution carry'd on against them by the people of Boston, for a Riot on the 5th March 1770.
To a retaining fee to C: Prestons Lawyers   £10   10    
To Do: to the mens Do:   10   10    
To a fee for pleading at the tryal to C: Prestons Lawyers   63      
To Do: to the Mens Do:   42      
To an Attorney to assist at their tryal   10   10      
To an Attorney for taking some affidavits   3   12      
To certain people employed to enquire about town and collect Affidavits and Evidences   25   10      
To Summons's and serving them on 93 Evidences   13   19      
To Evidences for the time they waited in Court before examin:n   5   19      
To Joalers fees   15      
To Turnkeys fees and Civility money   21      
To a Clerk at several times   15   7   6  
To small presents to particular people in Boston   21      
To postage of Letters   2   5    
    £260   2   6  
To extra:   expences in coming express from Portsmouth to London with Governour Hutchinsons and Comodore Gamblers dispatchs to Government   4   4   6  
    £264   7    
Enclosure in Dalrymple to Gage, 17 Dec. 1770. Adams, New Light 97–98. JA, on the other hand, said years later that his total fee for both cases was 19 guineas. 3 JA, Diary and Autobiography293.
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