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53. The jury law, “An Act for the Better Regulating the Choice of Petit Jurors,” 29 March 1760, 4 A&R 318, renewed 20 March 1767, 4 A&R 920, had expired 1 July 1770. The procedure, simply stated, was that from a list made up by the selectmen, each town drew, at a town meeting, so many names “as there are jurors required by the venire, who shall be the persons that shall be returned to serve as jurors: saving, that if any whose names are so drawn are sick, or otherwise unable to serve at that time, in the judgment of the town, their names shall be returned into the box, and others drawn in their stead.” 4 A&R 318. The town meeting of 24 Aug. 1770 had chosen the eighteen men who formed the Boston contribution to the Suffolk County venire, or jury panel. 18 Boston Record Commissioners, Reports 35–36. The Jury Law was revived 15 Nov. 1770, c. 5, 5 A&R 86.
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