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1. For Jonathan Loring Austin's appointment to negotiate a loan and purchase supplies in Europe, see the Mass. Council's letter of 13 Jan. to JA and Francis Dana, and notes (vol. 8:308–309). That letter requested, as a precaution rather than the result of a resolve of the General Court, that JA and Francis Dana act in Austin's place if he was unable to execute his commission (Mass., Province Laws, 21:348–349). The present letter from the committee appointed to over see Austin's mission stemmed from the General Court's resolves of 22 June, ordering Capt. Samson to prepare the Mars for a European voyage and specifically requesting JA and Dana to act because of fears that Austin had not reached Europe (same, p. 573). JA and Dana never exercised the powers given them by this letter because Austin reached Paris in early May (to Jonathan Williams, 14 May, note 3). The Adams Papers has a manuscript copy of a letter dated 22 July from Austin to Vergennes in which Austin proposed that Massachusetts supply the French navy with masts in exchange for money and clothing. For the result of this appeal, which was apparently referred to Gabriel de Sartine, see Francis Dana's letter of 1 Aug., note 3 (below). Austin's instructions and the “schedules” enclosed with the Council's letter of 13 Jan. have not been found, but for the instructions, see Mass., Province Laws, 21:346–348.
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