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2. William Jackson’s letter from La Coruña, Spain, was dated 26 Sept. (Franklin, Papers, 35:529–531). According to Jackson, Alexander Gillon, “with a degree of baseness which would sully the blackest Character on Record, has violated his contract with Colonel Laurens in every instance,” and thus the bills of exchange that Gillon had “fraudulently obtained” during the South Carolina’s voyage from the Netherlands were void. Jackson inclosed a list of those bills and reported that Gillon had detained him on board the South Carolina to prevent him from going ashore and informing the merchants that the bills were invalid. For Gillon’s contract, which required him to proceed to Philadelphia via the northern route around the British Isles, see vol. 11:293–296. By the time the enclosure arrived, JA already had received a letter from Jackson, also dated 26 September. There Jackson again criticized Gillon’s conduct, but was more concerned about what he should do with CA, whose care had been entrusted to him. JA replied on 20 Oct. and left it to Jackson’s judgment as to the best means to facilitate CA’s return to America (Adams Family Correspondence, 4:219–220, 228–229).
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