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This note contained in document ADMS-06-13-02-0152
2. Translation done by Congress from a copy of the commission in C. W. F. Dumas' hand (PCC, No. 93, II, f. 186–188):
“George R,
“George the Third, by the grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the faith, Duke of Brunswick and Lunenburg, Arch Treasurer and Elector of the holy Roman Empire—To all and every one who shall see these Presents Greeting.
“Whereas the ravages of War having already spread over too many parts of the world, we are greatly desirous to see public tranquillity restored, and so many quarrels amicably settled, and whereas we have resolved to send for this purpose a man equal to this arduous business to our good Brother the most Christian King—
“Know then, that we, greatly confiding in the fidelity, industry, knowledge understanding and abilities of our faithful and well beloved Allen Fitz Herbert, Esquire, We have nominated, appointed and constituted him, and we do by these presents nominate appoint and constitute him our true, certain and undoubted Commissary, Attorney and Plenipotentiary, giving and granting to him all and every sort of power, faculty and authority, as well as our general and special Mandate (in such a manner however, that the one may not derogate to the other) to repair to the Court of our aforesaid good brother the most Christian King, and there for us and in our name, with the Delegates, Commissaries, Deputies and Plenipotentiaries of the High and mighty Lords the states general of the United Netherlands, and with those of all Princes and states whom it may concern, having sufficient authority to meet and confer, as well jointly as separately and with them to agree, treat, consult and conclude, of the most speedy restoration of a firm and sincere peace, friendship and amity, to sign in our name all that he shall thus agree to and conclude, and to digest what he shall have concluded into a Treaty or Treaties, or any other Instruments, and as many such as shall be necessary, to receive and deliver the same, and to transact every other necessary matter to bring his business to a happy conclusion in the same form to be of the same validity as if it was transacted by ourselves in person, promising freely and on the word of a King to agree to, ratify and accept whatever shall be transacted and concluded by our said Plenipotentiary, and not to suffer at any time that it be violated entirely or in part, or that any thing may be done to the contrary.
“In faith whereof we have signed these presents with our Royal hand, and affixed thereto our seal of Great Britain. Given at our Palace at St. James the 24th day of July Anno Domini 1782 and in the 22d Year of our Reign.”
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