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Docno: ADMS-04-04-02-0094-0002

Author: Neufville, Jean de, & Fils (business)
Recipient: Adams, Abigail
Date: 1781-05-30

Enclosure: Invoice of Goods1

INVOICE of Sundries Shipped on board the Juno William Haydon Commander, bound for Boston. Consign'd to Mr. Isaac Smith Mercht. there, on order, and for Account of the honorable Lady Adams, in Braintree, mark'd, and number'd, as in margin Viz.
No. 1   1 Box Containing        
  No.   1   2   Damask Table Cloths 5 by 3 1/4 Ell at f.11 1/2     23    
    2   2   do.  do. 1 1/2 by 3 1/4 [at f.]10 1/4     20   10  
    3   2   do.  do. 3 1/4 by 3 [at f.]7 1/2     15    
    4   2   Pack Pins [at f.]3 1/4     6   10  
    5   1   Pc. 6 1/4 fine Bedtick 36 Ell [at f.]2     72    
      1   very handsome flower'd Persian Carpet 6 by 6 Ells and 36 Ells @ f.3     108    
      1   dark gray muff & Tippet     24    
      1   Light gray do.  do.     22   10  
                  f.291   10  
          Discount 1 PCt on f. 183 10s   1   17  
                  289   17  
          Box   3    
                  292   13  
No. 2   1 Box Containing            
  12   pair blue & white Tea Cups & Saucers @ 6s.   3   12        
  6   pint bowls   10   3          
  12   fine Cut wine Glasses  16   9   12        
            f.16   4        
          Disct 1 PCt     4        
          Boxs &c.     12     16   12  
No. 3   1 Pack Containing 2 Setts House brushes @ 42S.   4   4        
          Packing Matt     9     4   13  
                  313   18  
    Duty Passeport and Officers fees   7   18        
    Carriage and boathire     16     8   14  
                  322   12 { 135 }  
          Freight @ 12 1/2 PCt   40   6        
          Primage    5 PCt   2       42   6  
                  f.364   18  
Errors excepted.
[signed] John de Neufville Son
The content of all or some notes that appeared on this page in the printed volume has been moved to the end of the preceding document.
RC (Adams Papers); addressed “To the Honble Lady Adams Braintree near Boston. P[er] Gates Captn. Newman”; postal markings appear to read: “NP/h, 3.8 2/3.” Dupl (Adams Papers); addressed as above but with routing: “P[er] Juno Captn. Haydon.” Both RC and Dupl are in a clerk's hand and signed in a different hand. Enclosed invoice is printed herewith; see note 4.
1. The original invoice sent to AA is missing. Text is printed here from a retained copy in DLC:de Neufville Letterbook, 1781–1785, fol. 689, docketed “Invoice of Sundries Shipped by de Neufs. for Acc. of Lady Adams.”

Docno: ADMS-04-04-02-0095

Author: Adams, Abigail
Recipient: Adams, Charles
Date: 1781-05-26

Abigail Adams to Charles Adams

[salute] My dear Charles

I am sometimes affraid my dear Boy that you will be spoilt by being a favorite. Praise is a Dangerous Sweet unless properly tempered. If it does not make you arrogant, assuming and self sufficient, but on the contrary fires your Breast with Emulation to become still more worthy and engageing, it may not opperate to your Disadvantage. But if ever you feel your Little Bosom swell with pride and begin to think yourself better than others; you will then become less worthy, and loose those Qualities which now make you valuable. Worthy and amiable as I hope you are, there are still imperfections enough [in] every Humane Being to excite Humility, rather than pride.
If you have made some small attainments in knowledge, yet when you look forward to the immense sum; of which you are still Ignorant, you will find your own, but as a grain of sand, a drop, to the ocean.
{ 136 }
If you look into your own Heart, and mind, you will find those amiable Qualities, for which you are beloved and esteemed, to result rather from habit and constitution, than from any solid, and setled principal. But it remains with you to Establish, and confirm that by choise and principal which has hitherto been a natural impulse.
Be modest, be diffident, be circumspect, kind and obligeing. These are Qualities which render youth engageing, and will flourish like a natural plant; in every clime.
I long to receive Letters from you. To hear of your Health and that of your dear pappas, would give me a pleasure that I have not experienced for 8 months.
O My dear children, when shall I fold you to my Bosom again? God only knows and in his own time will I hope return you safe to the Arms of your ever affectionate Mother,
[signed] A Adams
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