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Docno: ADMS-04-06-02-0082-0002

Author: Adams, John
Recipient: Tufts, Cotton
Date: 1785-08-10

Enclosure: Account

The Honble. John Adams Esq. to Cotton Tufts as His Attorney
1784.   June.   24.   To Cash pd. Nath. Austin 19/6          
  July.   1.   To Nath. Willis 30/9   2.   10.   3    
  July.   21.   To 1/2 m. Nails 4/          
  Aug.   11.   To Cash pd. Jno. Gill 24/ 1/2 qe Paper 9d   1.   8.   9    
  Sept.   29.   To Thos. Russell Esq for 16 years Rent of Verchilds Land   38.   8.   0    
      To Elkh. Thayer for ditching 30/ pd for Glass & Putty 9/   1.   19.   0    
  Octob.   6.   To Saml. Eliot for Cloathing for yr. children   2.   6.   1    
      To half a Day at Braintree in adjusting Accounts &c   0.   6.   0    
    28.   To Revd. Jno. Shaw 40/ To Sundry Persons by ordr. of Mrs. Adams 72/   5.   12.   0    
  Nov.   18.   To Revd. Jno. Shaw 60/ To Jona Marsh for a pr. Boots to Charles 27/   4.   7.   0    
      To 1/2 Day at Boston 7/6          
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    28.   To 1/2 Day at Braintree 6/   0.   13.   6    
  Dec.   10.   To Cash pd. for recordg. Will. Adams Deed 2/6 for Searchg Records of 2 1/2   0.   3.   8   1/2  
    14.   To Do. paid David Bass for Salt Marsh bought of him   32.   16.   3    
      To 1 Day at Braintree settling the Survey Purchase &c   0.   12.   0    
    16.   To Cash pd. for recordg Deed 3/   0.   3.   0    
1785   Jany.   8.   To 1 Day myself & Horse 12/ To Cash pd. James Thayer for Land £60   60.   12.   0    
    17.   To Cash pd. for Cloathing for Mast. Charles & Thos   4.   11.   2    
    27.   To Revd. Jno. Shaw £6. To recordg James Thayers Deed 2/6   6.   2.   6    
  March   3.   To pd for a Singing Book 6/ Wards Grammar 3/ for Thos   0.   9.   0    
    17.   To Revd. Jno. Shaw £10.16.0          
    23.   To 1/2 Day at Braintree 6/   11.   2.   0    
      To pd for 2 Crevats 8/2          
    24.   To 1/2 Dy. at Boston 7/6   0.   15.   8    
    29.   To Gayus Thayer for Your own and Farm Rates   10.   12.   4   1/2  
  April   9.   To Andw. Newell 8.3.0. To part of a Day at Boston 7/6   8.   10.   6    
      To Cash pd. Elias Burdett in Advance for Building   62.   0.   0    
    11.   To a Journey to Medford to give Lease for Medford Farm &c   0.   12.   0    
    21.   To Revd. Jno. Shaw 90/          
  May   13.   To part Journey to Boston 6/   4.   16.   0    
    26.   To Cash for 1 pc. Linnen for Children 84/          
    30.   To Davd. Marsh's Bill for Shoes 57/4   7.   1.   4    
    30.   To Revd. Jno. Shaw 71/10          
  June   1 & 2d.   To Mrs. Shaw to purchase Cloathg. 8.4.0   11.   15.   10    
    16.   To Revd. Jno. Shaw Quarty Bill 14.8.0 To Register 1/ 2 1/2 To Phoebe 8/   14.   17.   2   1/2  
  July.   2.   To. Ebenz. Burdett in full for Building as Pr. Agreement   62.   0.   0    
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    5.   To Thos. Russell Esq 1 Yrs. Rent for Verchilds Land 48/   2.   8.   0    
    6.   To Willm. Homer for Repairs of House at Boston   4.   10.   6.    
    19 & 20.   To Cash for Charles a Hat and Cravats   3.   1.   4   1/2  
        £367.   3.   0    
1785.   July   21.   To Cash now on hand to Ballance   4.   16.   11   1/2  
        £371.   19.   11   1/2  
  June   16.   By a Ballance of Cash left in my Hands by Mrs. Adams   7.   13.   4    
    28.   By Cash recd. of Mrs. Smith left in her Hands by Do   1.   6.   8    
      By Do. recd. of the Executors of Revd. Willm. Smiths Will   15.   0.   0    
  Sept.   16.   By Do. recd. of Andw. Newall 1 qr. Rent   15.   0.   0    
  Octob.   8.   By Do. recd. of Matthew Pratt for Yoke of Oxen   9.   0.   0    
    22.   By Do. recd. of Phoebe 36/2          
  Nov.   18.   Andw. Newall 1 qr. Rent 15£   16.   16.   2    
    23.   By Do. recd. of Matthew Pratt for Farm Produce   11.   0.   0    
  Dec.   15.   By Do. recd. of Alexr. Hill on Ballance of Acctts   3.   0.   7    
1785.   Jany.   6.   By Do. recd. of Benj. Guilds in full of his Note   103.   5.   0    
    10.   By do. recd. in part for Certificates for Intt. on Continl Notes   8.   2.   0    
    14.   By Do. recd. of Phoebe 12/10          
  March   24.   By Thos. Pratt on Acct. 16/6   1.   9.   4    
  Jany.   1.   By my Bill of Exchange in favour of James Elworthy for £50 stg. 5 P. Ct. above par is 52.10.0—Lawful Money   70.   0.   0    
  March   24.   By Cash recd. of Matthew Pratt. Ballance of Farm Acctts   22.   2.   9    
      By Do. recd. of Royall Tyler Esq for Debts collected   29.   3.   9   1/2  
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  April   9.   By Do. recd. of Andw. Newall 1 qr. Rent   15.   0.   0    
  May     Do. recd. of Mrs. Otis for Dorset Alley 1 Yr   1.   16.   0    
  June   4.   By my Order in favour of James Elworthy for £11. 12. 0 sterg Exchange 6 P. Ct.—in Law My   16.   8.   0    
    16.   By Andw. Newall 1 qr Rent to the 30 Apr. last   15.   0.   0    
  July   1.   By Cash recd. for Interest   1.   5.   0    
    4.   By Do. recd. of Matthew Pratt on Farm Acct.   9.   11.   4    
        371.   19.   11   1/2  
[signed] Errors Excepted Per Cotton Tufts
Weym[outh]: July 21st. 1785. At the Request of the Honble. Cotton Tufts Esq. I have particularly gone over and examined the foregoing Account, and find it right cast and properly Vouched in all its Parts.
[signed] Richard Cranch
The content of notes that appeared on this page in the printed volume has been moved to the end of the preceding document.
RC (Adams Papers), with enclosed account. Letter endorsed: “Dr Tufts August”; account endorsed: “Dr Tufts's Account 1785.”

Docno: ADMS-04-06-02-0083

Author: Adams, Abigail
Recipient: Adams, John Quincy
Date: 1785-08-11

Abigail Adams to John Quincy Adams

[salute] My dear son

I went from my own little writing room below stairs just now into your Pappas; where Mr. Storer was writing for him. Col. Smith having set of upon a Tour in order to see the Prussian Review which takes place upon the 20 of this Month,1 Mr. Storer whilst he remains here; has offerd to supply his Place. Upon my going into the room he told me that a vessel would sail for Boston tomorrow, which is the first I knew of the Matter. Lyde is expected to sail in a few days and by him I design to forward Letters to my Friends, but tho as usual I have several partly written none are compleat. I however told Mr. Storer { 261 } that I would take my pen and write you a few lines, just to tell you that we are all well and are now quite settled, that we wait with impatience to hear from you. Mr. Short came here last week from Paris upon Buisness, he sets of tomorrow for the Hague. Mr. Jefferson Col. Humphries Mr. Williamos &c. are all well. Mr. W is waiting as usual for the moveing of the waters.2 If you get the English news papers you will think that the Father of Liars is turnd Printer. Not a paper which has not some venom. I hope the Scripture Benidiction will be fullfilld upon those who are falsly accused and persecuted.3 They however do not often attack us personally, only as the Representitive of America &c. I was not displeased with one paragraph provided it would have a proper effect upon our Country. It was this “the American minister has not yet paid his Way, that is given a diaplomatick dinner to the Ministers, because Congress Paper will not pass here.” If it was expensive living in France, it is much more so in London, but I trust our Country will either consider us, or permit us to return.
The King of France has publishd an Arret prohibiting British Manufactories under severe penalties, in concequence of which 8 thousand Gauze and Muslin looms have stoped working here.4 I will inclose to you two or 3 News papers.
Captain Lyde will take Letters. The contents of some of them, you will be surprizd at, but, at the same time you will approve the wise conduct of the writer who has shewn a firmness of mind and prudence which do her honour. Be Silent! We are all rejoiced because it came of her own accord free and unsolicited from her, and was the result I believe of many Months anxiety as you were witness.5
Remember me to all my Friends your Brothers in particular. I have not time to add an other line. I do not know whether your sister writ[es] by this vessel to you.6 Let me hear from you by every opport[unity.] I have given Mr. Storer a Letter from Mr. Murray for you.7 M[r.] and Mrs. Temple sail next week for New York. Tis near four and I must dress for dinner. Once more adieu. Your sister and I miss you much. We want you to walk and ride with us, but we know and hope you are much more usefully employd. I am going with your sister this afternoon to Hamstead to drink tea with Mrs. Hay, who resides out there. I shall call and take Mrs. Rogers to accompany us. We all went last week to accompany Mr. Short to the Hay Market,8 but who can realish the English after having been accustomed to the French Stage? A Siddons may reconcile me to it, but I believe nothing else will.
{ 262 }
I never know when to leave of, once more adieu and beliee me most tenderly Yours.
[signed] A A
RC (Adams Papers); addressed by Charles Storer: “Mr. John Quincy Adams”; endorsed: “Mamma Augt. 11th. 1785”; docketed: “My Mother 11. Augt. 1785,” and “Mrs. Adams. Augt. 11. 1785.” Some loss of text where the seal was torn away.
1. See AA to William Stephens Smith, 13 Aug., below.
2. See Charles Williamos to AA, 21 July, note 2, above.
3. Matthew 5:10–12.
4. Louis XVI issued this edict in council on 10 July to pressure the British ministry to conclude a treaty of commerce, as provided for in the art. 18 of the Anglo-French Treaty of Versailles of 1783. The two countries did conclude a new commercial treaty in 1786. JA to John Jay, 10 Aug., PCC, No. 84, V, f. 601–604, printed in Dipl. Corr., 1783–1789, 2:428–430; Cambridge Modern Hist., 8:284–286.
5. See AA2 to Royall Tyler, [ca. 11 Aug.]; AA to Mary Cranch, 15 Aug.; and AA to Cotton Tufts, 18 Aug., all below.
6. AA2 sent JQA her journal letter of 4 July, above, by this ship; see her last dated entry, of 11 Aug., in that letter.
7. William Vans Murray to JQA, 2 Aug. (Adams Papers).
8. The Haymarket Theatre, sometimes called “The Little Theatre in the Haymarket,” was built on the east side of Haymarket Street, between Pall Mall and Coventry Street, in 1721 (Wheatley, London Past and Present).
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