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Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0003-0002-0005

Author: CFA
Date: 1827-02-05

Monday 5th.1

A dinner at Obregon’s:2 The Company consisted of as many of the Corp Diplomatique as recognize Mexico to be a sovereign State. Mr. Clay, Mr. Sanford,3 van Rensselaer, Gen. Lyman4 and others. I sat next to the last named and was dull.
1. From D/CFA/5. CFA spent the morning at home, reading Voltaire and beginning Pascal. JQA’s set of Blaise Pascal’s Œuvres, Paris, 1819, is in the Stone Library, which also contains his copy of Pascal’s Les provinciales ou les lettres par L. de Montalte, Cologne, 1657, and a two-volume edition of the Pensées, Geneva, 1778. Among JA’s books in the Boston Public Library is a copy of Les provinciales, Paris, 1754 (Catalogue of JA’s Library, p. 188). CFA also worked on the Executive Record (D/CFA/1).
2. Don Pablo Obregon, minister plenipotentiary from Mexico (Force, National Calendar, 1828, p. 287).
3. Nathan Sanford (1777–1838), of New York, who served in the Senate from 1826 to 1831 (Biog. Dir. Cong.).
4. Theodore Lyman (1792–1849), Harvard 1810, who was brigadier general in the Massachusetts militia and had served as Mayor of Boston in 1824–1825 (Appletons’ Cyclo. Amer. Biog.).

Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0003-0002-0006

Author: CFA
Date: 1827-02-06

6. IX.1

Morning at home, Voltaire, Pascal, Executive record, weather bad, evening with the family.
1. From D/CFA/1.

Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0003-0002-0007

Author: CFA
Date: 1827-02-07

Wednesday 7th.1

Evening at Mrs. Clay’s. I was engrossed almost all the evening by Miss Brooks. This young lady’s character is so singular that I am much struck with it. Talked much of that affair of her brother Sidney and Miss Marshall.2
1. From D/CFA/5. CFA spent the morning at home, reading Voltaire and working on the Executive Record (D/ CFA/1).
2. The engagement between Emily Marshall, the celebrated Boston beauty, and Sidney Brooks (1799–1878) was broken; she later married William Foster Otis (Crawford, Mass. Families, 2:247, 249).

Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0003-0002-0008

Author: CFA
Date: 1827-02-08

Thursday 8th.1

Strolled to the Capitol. Heard a long discussion about points of order. But was more induced to stay because Miss Brooks was there. I conversed with her all day, and only returned home in time to dine. In the evening, I went to Southard’s.2 And we had quite a large party. It being the first this winter. I spent my evening very much in the society of the same young lady. Which leads me to a discovery which I have been gradually coming to for some time.
1. CFA spent the morning at home, reading Voltaire. He found Mrs. Everett with Miss Brooks at the Capitol (D/CFA/1).
{ 104 }
2. Samuel Lewis Southard (1787–1842), of New Jersey, served as Secretary of the Navy from 1823 to 1829 (Biog. Dir. Cong.).
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