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Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0001-0006-0001

Author: CFA
Date: 1825-12-01

December. 1825. Thursday. I. IX.

At home all day, weather cloudy, Reeves, Beaumont and Fletcher, quiet day, evening with the family.

Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0001-0006-0002

Author: CFA
Date: 1825-12-02

2. VIII:30.

At home all day, nothing remarkable, Reeves, Beaumont and Fletcher, Burke, evening out.

Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0001-0006-0003

Author: CFA
Date: 1825-12-03

3. IX.

Morning at home, unwell, spirits low, Beaumont and Fletcher, letter from Richardson,1 death of my friend Sheafe, reflection, evening at home.
1. Missing.

Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0001-0006-0004

Author: CFA
Date: 1825-12-04

4. VIII:40.

At home all day, low spirits, medicine, Beaumont and Fletcher, Burke, evening with the family.

Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0001-0006-0005

Author: CFA
Date: 1825-12-05

5. IX.

Morning at home, Reeves, Beaumont and Fletcher, De Lolme,1 Meeting of Congress, J. W. Taylor, Speaker,2 evening walk.
1. CFA’s copy of J. L. De Lolme, The Constitution of England, London, 1821, is in the Stone Library
2. Representative John W. Taylor, who had previously served as Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1820–1821, was the candidate of the Adams forces. His election by a majority of only two, on the second ballot, was evidence of the weakness of JQA’s supporters in the House (Bemis, JQA, 2:72–73).

Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0001-0006-0006

Author: CFA
Date: 1825-12-06

6. IX:10.

Morning at home, finish Reeves, Beaumont and Fletcher, President’s Message,1 Burke, evening walk.
1. JQA’s first annual message to Congress reviewed the state of the nation and advocated, among other things, a national university and support for geographical and astronomical research (Richardson, ed., Messages and Papers, 2:299–317).

Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0001-0006-0007

Author: CFA
Date: 1825-12-07

7. VIII:30.

Morning at home, Blackstone’s Commentaries,1 Beaumont and Fletcher, walk, John, evening with the family.
1. JQA’s copy of Sir William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England, 4 vols., London, 1791, is in the Stone Library. Among JA’s books in the Boston { 23 } Public Library are two sets of the Commentaries; the Philadelphia edition, 1771–1773, 4 vols., contains JA’s annotations. See Catalogue of JA’s Library, p. 28.
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