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Author: Adams, John
Date: 1784-08-07

Aug. 7.

Arrived at the Adelphi Buildings and met my Wife and Daughter after a seperation of four Years and an half. Indeed after a Seperation of ten Years, excepting a few Visits. Set off the next Day for Paris.1
1. On this date the Diary of AA2, so far as it is known (no MS has been found), begins. The first entry reads:
“London, Aug. 7th, 1784. At 12, returned to our own apartments; when I entered, I saw upon the table a hat with two books in it; every thing around appeared altered, without my knowing in what particular. I went into my own room, the things were moved; I looked around—'Has mamma received letters, that have determined her departure?— When does she go?—Why are these things moved?' All in a breath to Esther. ‘No, ma'm, she has received no letter, but goes to-morrow morning.' ‘Why is all this appearance of strangeness?—Whose hat is that in the other room?—Whose trunk is this?—Whose sword and cane?— It is my father's,' said I. Where is he?' { 171 } 'In the room above.' Up I flew, and to his chamber, where he was lying down, he raised himself upon my knocking softly at the door, and received me with all the tenderness of an affectionate parent after so long an absence. Sure I am, I never felt more agitation of spirits in my life; it will not do to describe” (Jour. and Corr., i:viii).
AA2's Diary is quite full for the family's journey to Paris, which was by way of Dover, Calais, Boulogne, Montreuil, Amiens, and Chantilly (same, p. 7–14).

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Author: Adams, John
Date: 1784-08-13

Aug. 13.

Arrived at Paris, at the Hotel de York on the [].1
1. In the present entry and the next, the blank space (which is in the MS) is meant to be filled up with the date at the head of the entry.

Docno: ADMS-01-03-02-0003-0005-0005

Author: Adams, John
Date: 1784-08-17

Aug. 17.

Removed to Auteuil the [] at the House of the Comte de Rouault, opposite the Conduit. The House, the Garden, the Situation near the Bois de Boulogne, elevated above the River Seine and the low Grounds, and distant from the putrid Streets of Paris, is the best I could wish for.1
1. The arrangements with the Comte de Rouault had been made at JA's request by Thomas Barclay, who had formerly rented the house; see JA-Barclay correspondence, 23 April–9 Aug. 1784 (Adams Papers). The reader is again referred to the detailed and colorful letters of AA describing the Hôtel de Rouault and the Adamses' life there during the following eight months, a selection of which appears in Howard C. Rice Jr., The Adams Family in Auteuil, 1784–1785, Boston, 1956, and more of which will be included in Series II of the present edition. The journal kept by AA2 at Auteuil from Aug. 1784 through May 1785 is also valuable despite its rather girlish concentration on the guests present at social affairs given or attended by the family; see AA2 Jour. and Corr., 1:14–78. This portion of her journal contains numerous glimpses of Jefferson, Franklin, the Binghams, David Humphreys, William Short, the Lafayettes, Mme. Helvétius, and the Adamses' friends among the corps diplomatique, as well as sometimes entertaining and illuminating passages on Paris fashionable life and amusements, religious ceremonies, balloon ascensions, and the like. If the MS were available, the entries for this period would have been printed here to help fill in a long gap in JA's Diary, but as edited by AA2's daughter, Caroline Amelia (Smith) de Windt, in 1841, the text is far from dependable: there are obvious mistakes in transcription, names are given as blanks and initials, and editorial cuts have probably been made.

Docno: ADMS-01-03-02-0003-0006-0001

Author: Adams, John
DateRange: 1784-09 - 1785-05

[Orders Drawn on Messrs. Van Den Yver for Personal and Family Expenses, September 1784–May 1785.]1

  £   s   d  
Auteuil Sept. 10. 1784. Drew an order on M.M. Van den Yvers in favour of my son J.Q.A. for two hundred Louis D'ors or 4800 Livres   4800:   0:   0  
{ 172 }
Oct. 11. drew an Order on M. Van den Yver in favour of my son J.Q.A. for 4800 Livres   4800:   0:   0  
Nov: 15. drew an order on Mr. Van den Yver in favour of my son J.Q.A. for 4800 Livres   4800:   0:   0  
Decr. 23. drew an order on M[ess]rs. Van den Yver in favour of my son J. Q. Adams for 4800 Livres   4800:   0:   0  
1785. Feb. 11. drew an order on Messrs. Van den Yver in favour of My son J.Q.A. for 4800 Liv.   4800:   0:   0  
March 5. Accepted a Bill of Dr. Tufts for £50, payable at the House of Messrs. Richard and Charles Puller No. 10 Broadstreet Buildings London, to be paid at Sight   1200:   0:   0  
March 26 drew an order on Messrs. Van den Yver in favour of my son J.Q.A. for 4800 Liv.   4800:   0:   0  
May 4. drew an Order on Messrs. Van den Yver in favour of my son J.Q.A. for 4800£.   4800:   0:   0  
May 18 drew an Order on Messrs. Van den Yver in favour of the Bearer Mrs. Adams for   4800:   0:   0  
1. Taken from Lb/JA/19 (Adams Papers, Microfilms, Reel No. 107). The firm of Van den Yver Frères acted as agents in Paris for the Amsterdam banking house of W. & J. Willink. JA had drawn his salary through the Van den Yvers during the peace negotiations.
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