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Author: Adams, John Quincy
Date: 1780-08-20

Sunday 20th of August 1780.

This morning Commodore Gillon came here at about nine o clock and We all went to a gentleman's house who lives in the Country. We walk'd out of the City and then we found a coach with four horses waiting for us which Commodore Gillon had hired for us. At about a quarter after eleven o clock we arrived there. We went to walk with that Gentleman Whose name is { 58 } Hooft1 and who is a Burger master of the city of Amsterdam, we walk'd some time and then came back and dined. After dinner we went to see a Gentleman whose name is Crommelin,2 he came from New York fifty Six years agone. We stay'd there some time and walk'd in his Garden and then came back to the Burger Masters and drank tea there. After tea we set away from there, and arrived at home at about half after eight o clock.
1. Henrik Hooft, Danielszoon, Amsterdam merchant and banker, regarded by JA as “the most respectable friend of America in that city” (Johan E. Elias, De Vroedschap van Amsterdam, 1578–1795. . ., 2 vols., Haarlem, 1903–1905, 2:726; JA, Corr. in the Boston Patriot, p. 345–346).
2. Daniël Crommelin, of the Amsterdam mercantile house Crommelin & Zonnen, who supported American independence and with whom, as the elder Adams' Diary records, JA had early and frequent contact (Eliza Fenno Richards, “The Crommelin Family in Europe and America,” N.Y. Geneal. and Biog. Rec., 24:67–70 [April 1893]).

Docno: ADMS-03-01-02-0002-0004-0021

Author: Adams, John Quincy
Date: 1780-08-21

Monday 21st of August 1780.

This morning Commodore Gillon came here and went out with Pappa to take a Walk and did not come back till about half after eleven o clock: at about two o clock Pappa went out to dinner but Brother Charles and I dined at home. At about five o clock a man came to be a Dutch Master for Brother Charles and I, he is to give us his first Lesson to morrow morning at six o clock. At about 6 o clock Pappa went to the play with Commodore Gillon and got back at about ten o clock P.M.

Docno: ADMS-03-01-02-0002-0004-0022

Author: Adams, John Quincy
Date: 1780-08-22

Tuesday 22d of August 1780.

This morning Pappa went out to take a walk and did not come back till about three quarters after eleven. At about half after twelve Mr. Guile came here. Pappa dined at home and Mr. Guile dined here. Very bad weather all the fore part of the day but in the afternoon it clear'd up. The weather is very uncertain here. There was one man kill'd and another stunn'd to day by a clap of thunder in the morning at about nine o clock just out of the gates of this city.

Docno: ADMS-03-01-02-0002-0004-0023

Author: Adams, John Quincy
Date: 1780-08-23

Wednesday 23d of August 1780.

Pappa went out in the morning and came home and dined at home. Our Master comes every morning at six and every noon. Nothing very remarkable this day.
Reading a Volume entitled the World I found this fable.1
{ 59 }
1. A fable about wisdom and folly, copied on the following half-page of the Diary, appeared in The World No. 120, 17 April 1755. The edition that JQA used is not known.
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