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Author: Adams, John Quincy
Date: 1781-06-19

Tuesday June the 19th 1781.

This day we all din'd at Mr. Deneufville's with Mr. Cerisier Colo. Searle Mr. Brice Mr. Van Hasseldt, Mr. Le Comte, Commodore Gillon, and Mr. Jennings, after dinner I went to Madam Chabanel's: after I had been there a little while Mr. Thaxter, Mr. Bromfield,1 Mr. Guild and brother Charles came there; we { 82 } went to take a walk out of the town. We walked some ways and then we return'd home and the gentlemen left us.
§: 13th.2
1. Probably Henry Bromfield Jr., who had left Massachusetts the previous July to settle some of his father's accounts, and who possibly had helped establish earlier in 1781 the Amsterdam mercantile firm of Sigourney, Ingraham & Bromfield (JA, Diary and Autobiography, 2:453–454, 456; Cal. Franklin Papers, A.P.S., 2:272; 3:434; 4:49, 313).
2. On the following two and one-half pages from the Diary is Guthrie's account of Dutch “cities, towns, and other edifices, public and private” (Geographical Grammar, p. 403–404). At the point where Guthrie's commentary turns to the Dutch village of Saardam (p. 404), in which Peter the Great served an apprenticeship in shipbuilding, JQA has inserted the note, “Vide. Voltaire History of Russia. Chapter 9th.,” in which the French historian elaborates on the Russian czar's experience there (Histoire de l'Empire de Russie sous Pierre le Grand, 2 vols., n.p., 1759, 1:152–154). This work was purchased by JQA a month later in Cologne on his journey to Russia and is listed in the Catalogue of JQA's Books.

Docno: ADMS-03-01-02-0003-0001-0012

Author: Adams, John Quincy
Date: 1781-06-20

Wednesday June the 20th 1781.

This morning I went to Mr. Sigourney's to carry the English news Papers to him, din'd at home. After dinner I went with Mr. Dana to take a walk, we went to Commodore Gillon's, he was not at home, but as we were returning, we met him, and Mr. Dana went to his house again with him, and I return'd home.
Chapter 4th. §: 14th.1
1. Here follows, on about two and one-quarter pages in the Diary, JQA's transcription of Dutch “inland navigation, canals, and manner of travelling,” from Guthrie, Geographical Grammar, p. 404.

Docno: ADMS-03-01-02-0003-0001-0013

Author: Adams, John Quincy
Date: 1781-06-21

Thursday June the 21st 1781.

This day I din'd at Madam Chabanel's, with Mr. Jennings, Captn. Coltyzer Mr. and Madam Hartsinck Mr. Searle Mr. Dana, Mr. Thaxter, Mr. Nickson, Pappa and brother Charles; after dinner I went to see Mr. Bordly, and return'd home at about 9 o'clock.
From Guthrie's grammar (continued from yesterday[)] Chap 4th §: 15th.1
1. The next two pages in the Diary contain the first half of the section on Dutch commerce and manufacturers (p. 404).

Docno: ADMS-03-01-02-0003-0001-0014

Author: Adams, John Quincy
Date: 1781-06-22

Friday June the 22d 1781.

This morning I went to Mr. De la Lande and Fynje's;1 din'd at home. Mr. Guild din'd Here. After dinner I went to Madam Cha• { 83 } banel's with the coach; she went to take a ride; we went through a village call'd Diem[en?], and went to Mr. Hartsinck's country seat. We stay'd there a little while and then return'd in to town to Madam Chabanel's, Mr. Brailsford came there soon after; and brother Charles and I went with him to the coffy House where we found Mr. Greaves and Mr. Brush, from thence we went to Mr. Brailsford's lodgings, and return'd home at about 10 o'clock.
From Guthrie's Grammar (continued from yesterday) Chap 4th §. 15th.2
1. Jacobus de la Lande and Hendrik Fynje, merchant bankers of Amsterdam, who, with the Willinks and Van Staphorsts, raised the first Dutch loan to the United States in 1782 (Chr. Kroes-Ligtenberg, “Een Vriend van Aagje Deken,” De Gids, Amsterdam, pt. I [1942]: 96; JA, Diary and Autobiography, 2:451).
2. Here follows, on two pages in the Diary, the concluding section on Dutch commerce and manufacturers (p. 401–402).
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