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Author: Adams, John Quincy
Date: 1781-06-29

Friday June the 29th 1781.

This morning brother Charles and I packed up our trunks, and I went to take leave of our riding master; in the afternoon Pappa came here but stay'd only ten minutes; we went to Mr. Lynch's at about 4 o'clock; he asked us to go into water with him at 5 o'clock, we told him we would, we went then to take leave of Mr. Luzac.1 At five o'clock we went again to Mr. Lynch's and went with him into water. Mr. Cook2 told us that he would go to Amsterdam with us. We got home at about 7 o'clock.
From Pope's works (continued from yesterday).3
1. Although this is the first mention in the Diary, Jean Luzac had taken special interest in JQA and CA during their brief attendance at the University of Leyden in 1781. Luzac was editor of the widely influential Gazette de Leyde, as well as a lawyer and a scholar of history and the classics. He was on JA's list of persons to be consulted in Holland in 1780 and became an invaluable supporter of the campaign to obtain Dutch recognition of American independence and financial support (JA, Diary and Autobiography, 2:444–445; Adams Family Correspondence,4:xiv).
2. John Cooke, an Englishman who completed his medical studies at Leyden and practiced in London (JQA, Diary, 2 Dec. 1795; DNB).
3. JQA copied on about the next three and one-quarter pages in the Diary the concluding two sections of Pope's “Ode for Music on St. Cecilia's Day,” begun in the previous entry (Pope, Works, Balfour edn., 1:71–73).

Docno: ADMS-03-01-02-0003-0001-0022

Author: Adams, John Quincy
Date: 1781-06-30

Saturday June the 30th 1781.

This morning Mr. Cook came here and breakfasted with us and at half past six we went to the boat to go to Amsterdam; we had nothing very remarkable, going to Haerlem, where we arriv'd at half past ten o'clock. We went thro' the city to the Amsterdam boat, we found that there was place in the Roof; we had one gentleman with us. We arriv'd at Amsterdam at half past one o'clock, brother Charles went to show Mr. Cook the way to the first bible; Mr. Van Heukelom din'd with us; after dinner I went to Kaa's to see Mr. Bordly; but found he was out, and therefore I return'd home.
From Pope's works. Prologue to Mr. Addison's Tragedy of Cato. Chapter 8th.1
1. The 46 lines of the Prologue take up two and one-half pages in the Diary (Pope, Works, Balfour edn., 1:158–159).

Docno: ADMS-03-01-02-0003-0002-0001

Author: Adams, John Quincy
Date: 1781-07-01

Sunday July the 1st 1781.

This morning Pappa and brother Charles and I went to church; din'd at home, Mr. Cook, Mr. Jennings, and another { 87 } Gentleman din'd with us; brother Charles and I went again to church. After Church Mr. Sigourney, Mr. Ingraham, Mr. Bromfield and Mr. Merrick came here but did not stay here long.
From Dr Garths' works. Epilogue to the Tragedy of Cato. Chapter 9th.1
1. The forty-line Epilogue, containing several transcription errors, follows on the next two pages in the Diary (Samuel Garth, Works, Dublin, 1769, p. 117–118). On this day JQA also copied, on two and one-half pages in the Diary as Chapter 10, the fifty-line “Epilogue to Mr. Rowe's Jane Shore,” with several slight irregularities (Pope, Works, Balfour edn., 1:160–161).
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