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Docno: ADMS-06-06-02-0281-0001

Author: Genet, Edmé Jacques
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1778-08-14

From Edmé Jacques Genet

[salute] Monsieur

J'ai traduit ce jour ci une lettre d'un armateur américain à Nantes, en datte du 8. août, qui se plaint que deux de ses vaisseaux lui ont étá enlevés en sortant de Pamboeuf, et demande certaines facilités pour la Courses. Il m'a été impossible de lire Sa Signature, et c'est la seconde fois que je me trouve dans cet embarras. Je l'ai figurée sur le papier ci joint, pour vous prier de vouloir bien me la débrouiller, afin que désormais je sois en état de faire connoitre du ministrie le nom de celui qui écrit.
{ 371 }
J'attens que vous ayés reçu quelques nouvelles d'amérique pour faire paroitre le numéro 51.1 et je vous serai très obligé de me faire parvenir le plus diligemment possible, et par la poste, tout ce que vous croirés susceptible d'etre mis au jour. Je suis avec respect Monsieur Votre très humble et très obéissant Serviteur,
[signed] Genet

Docno: ADMS-06-06-02-0281-0002

Author: Genet, Edmé Jacques
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1778-08-14

Edmé Jacques Genet to John Adams: A Translation

[salute] Sir

I have today translated a letter dated 8 August from an American shipowner at Nantes who complains that two of his vessels were taken coming out of Paimboeuf and requests certain facilities in regard to the privateers. Because it has been impossible to read his signature, the second time that I have met with this embarrassment, I have copied it on the enclosed piece of paper and ask you to please decipher it so that I may inform the minister of the correspondent's name.
I am waiting for you to receive some news from America before issuing no. 511 and would be much obliged if you could send me, as soon as possible through the mail, all that you deem appropriate for publication. I am with respect, sir, your very humble and very obedient servant,
[signed] Genet
1. That is, cahier 51 of Affaires de l'Angleterre et de l'Amérique (“Lettres,” vol. 11). That issue was almost entirely devoted to news from England, particularly regarding the naval battle between Keppel and d'Orvilliers, and had but two pages containing news from America (p. cclviii–cclix).

Docno: ADMS-06-06-02-0282

Author: Adams, John
Recipient: Genet, Edmé Jacques
Date: 1778-08-14

To Edmé Jacques Genet

[I] Have the Honour of yours of the 14.
By the Imitation you inclose, I have no dout that the Name of the Writer of the Letter you mention is John Ross.1 Such a Person there is at Nantes a Merchant who has been concerned in American Trade, who often corresponds with the Commissioners here by which means I am in Possession of many of his Letters and am become well acquainted with his Signature.
I shall take a great Pleasure in forwarding to you the Intelligence from America, as soon as it arrives; God grant it may be as prosperous, as the other Events of the present Campaign. I am, sir with great Respect, your most obedient servant
[signed] John Adams
{ 372 }
RC (Justin G. Turner, Los Angeles, 1958). Fire damage destroyed several words at the top of the first page.
1. “John Ross” is written in much larger script than the rest of the letter.
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