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Docno: ADMS-06-10-02-0147

Author: Franklin, Benjamin
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1780-10-20

From Benjamin Franklin

[salute] Sir

Understanding that in Case of Mr. Laurens's Absence, you are charged with the Affair of procuring a Loan in Holland, I think it Right to acquaint you, that by a Letter from Mr. Jay of the 12th. Instant, from Madrid, we are informed that the King of Spain has been so good as to offer his Guarrantee for the Payment of the Interest and Principal of a Loan of Money for the Use of the United States.1 Mr. Grand thinks that no considerable Use can be made here of that Guarrantee, on Account of the considerable Loan Mr. Necker is about to make;2 but that possibly it may have weight in Holland. Orders will be sent to the Spanish Ambassador here, by the next Post respecting this Matter.
I regret much the taking of Mr. Laurens. His Son, I understand sailed a Fortnight after him, for France; but he has not yet arrived.3
The Ariel has been at Sea, but meeting with a terrible Storm which carried away all her Masts, has return'd into Port to refit.4
I have the honour to be with great Respect, Sir, Your Excellency's most obedient & most humble Sert.
[signed] B Franklin
P.S. By a former Letter from Mr. Jay I find the Sum to be one hundred and fifty thousand Dollars, for which the King of Spain would be answerable payable in the Space of 3 Years.
RC (Adams Papers); endorsed: “His Excellency Dr Franklin recd and ansd 24. Octr. 1780 Warranty of Spain for a Loan.”
1. Neither this letter from John Jay to Franklin nor that mentioned in the postscript has been found, but see Jay's letter of 16 Sept. to the president of Congress in which he conveyed the same information (Wharton, ed., Dipl. Corr. Amer. Rev., 4:59).
2. Raised in November, the loan totalled 36,000,000 (Dull, French Navy and Amer. Independence, p. 199).
3. John Laurens, appointed in December to raise a loan in France, did not sail from Boston until Feb. 1781 and reached Paris in mid-March (JCC, 18:1141; Wallace, Life of Henry Laurens, p. 480).
4. For an account of John Paul Jones' ordeal in saving the Ariel, see Morison, John Paul Jones, p. 301–306.

Docno: ADMS-06-10-02-0148-0001

Author: Wild, Bartholomé
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1780-10-20

From Bartholomé Wild

[salute] Monsieur

Vôtre ami Mr: Cerisier m'a dit de vous envoyer quelque brochure pollitiques Sur les affaires du tems, c'est ce que je fait.
3 Destin de l'Amerique 8° à 16 Stvrs:   F   2.   81  
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{ 295 } | view
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1 Leopard Brittanique     .   1115  
Tous ce que vous ne Souhaites garder vous pouvez Librement le remettre a Mr. Mandrillon.16
Je Compte dans 15 Jours venir à Amsterdam et d'avoir l'honneur de vous voir et de vous assurer de mes respects, étant né Suisse par concequent élévé dans une Liberté parfaitte, et depuis environs 40. Ans habitant de ce Paÿs Libre (mais pas Si entierement que La Suisse) je dois natturellement etre porté pour Les Gens qui cherche aussi Glorieusement Leur independence que vous autres Messieurs Americains. Puisse Le Seigneur qui nous a tout Crée Libre, vous estre propice et vous donner Courage, force et Benediction dans vôtre Juste Guerre avec vos Tiran en les Terrassant avec leur Gloire et ambition, je l'aprendroit tousjour avec le plus Sensible plaisir, vous priant de me Croire avec toute La Sinceréte d'un homme Libre et aprés offre de mes Services, Monsieur, Vôtre très humble et obt. Serviteur,
[signed] B. Wild
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