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Docno: ADMS-06-10-02-0148-0002

Author: Wild, Bartholomé
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1780-10-20

Bartholomé Wild to John Adams: A Translation

[salute] Monsieur

Your friend, Mr. Ceresier, asked me to send you some political pamphlets on current affairs, and here they are:
3 Destin de l'Amerique 8° à 16 Stvrs:   F   2.   81  
1 Tableau historique des Provinces Unies 12°. 6 vol.     9.   162  
1 Advocaat pour et Contre 8°     .   113  
1 Lettres Hollandoise 4 T et T 5 No. 1 à 9.     24.   64  
1 observation et Suitte 2 parties 8°     1.   55  
1 Reponce aux memoires de York     .   46  
{ 296 } | view
1 Pierre de Touche     .   47  
1 reponce au Meme. de York     .   4  
1 Mémoire de York fevrier 1777.     .   48  
1 ditto   mars 1780.     .   49  
1 Reponce de Milord Suffolk     .   410  
1 Histoire d'un poux francois     1.   1611  
1 Resolution de L.L. H.H. P.P. Les Etats Genereaux     .   1612  
1 Histoire des Collonies Anciénne     1.   513  
1 Etat present des Indes Hollandoise     .   1614  
1 Leopard Brittanique     .   1115  
Any that you do not wish to keep may be freely returned to Mr. Mandrillon.16
In two weeks I plan to come to Amsterdam and have the honor of meeting you and presenting my respects. Having been born Swiss, and therefore raised in perfect freedom, and lived for the last forty years or so in this free country (although not quite so free as Switzerland), I am naturally drawn to people so gloriously engaged in seeking their independence as are you Americans. May the Lord who created us all free be kind and bestow on you courage, strength, and his benediction in your just war against tyrants enabling you to vanquish them with their glory and ambition. I shall always hear such news with the greatest of pleasure and please believe in the complete sincerity of a free man offering you his services, sir, your very humble and obedient servant,
[signed] B. Wild
1. [Antoine Marie Cerisier], Le destin de l'Amérique ou dialogues pittoresques dans lesquels on developpe la cause des evenemens actuels, la politique et les interets des puissances de l'Europe relativement a cette guerre, et les suites qu'elle devroit avoir pour le bonheur de l'humanité, traduit fidelement de l'anglois, London, 1779. Although the title would indicate otherwise, no evidence of an edition in English has been found. The prices given here and elsewhere are in florins and stuivers. There were 20 stuivers to the florin.
2. [Antoine Marie Cerisier] Tableau de l'histoire générale des Provinces-Unies, 10 vols., Utrecht, 1777–1784. See Cerisier's letter of 17 Oct., note 2 (above).
3. L'avocat pour et contre, ou resumé historique et philosophique de tout ce qu'on a écrit sur la liberté du commerce des munitions navales; suivi du jugement des plaideurs, Brussels, 1779.
4. [Dérival de Gomicourt], Lettres hollandoises, ou correspondance politique sur l'etat présent de l'Europe, notamment de la République des Sept Provinces-Unies, 8 vols., Amsterdam, 1779–1781.
5. These were two pamphlets by Cerisier, Observations impartiales d'un vrai Hollandois, pour servir de réponse au Discours d'un soi-disant bon Hollandois à ses compatriotes, Arnhem, [1778]; and Suite des observations impartiales d'un vrai Hollandais, sur les intérêts et l'état présent des affaires politiques de la France, de l'Angleterre, des Provinces-Unies des Pays-Bas et des Etats-Unis de l'Amérique, avec des réflexions sur les dernieres déliberations des Etats de Hollande et sur le mémoire de Mr. l'Amb. de S. M. B. à L. H. P., Arnhem, [1779]. They were, respectively, responses to anonymous pamphlets entitled Discours d'un bon Hollandois a ses Compatriotes, sur différents objects intéressants and Second Discours . . ., published at Amsterdam in 1778 and 1779, respectively.
6. There had been numerous printed responses to the memorials presented by Sir Joseph Yorke since 1777, but those referred to here and later in this list have not been identified.
7. [Antoine Marie Cerisier], La pierre de touche des ecrits et des affaires politiques ou lettres d'un François sur deux brochures seditieuses, l'une intitulée Goed Fransch, goed Patriotsch et l'autre Brieven over de Tegenwoor• { 297 } dige Tyds-Omstandigheden, 1779.
8. Mémoire présenté aux états de Hollande le 21 Février 1777 par le Chevalier York, Ambassadeur d'Angleterre, 1777.
9. Memoire de Mr. l'Ambassadeur Yorke. Avec un mémoire, que les Etats Généraux auroient pu faire présenter au Roi de la Gr. Bretagne, le 21 de mars 1780, 1780.
10. This pamphlet has not been found, but may be the reply of 19 Oct. 1778 by Lord Suffolk, Secretary of State for the Northern Department, to protests by the States General against British seizures of Dutch ships in violation of its neutral rights (C. W. F. Dumas to the Commissioners, 27 Oct. 1778, and notes 2 and 3, vol. 7:165–169).
11. [Delauney], Histoire d'un pou françois; ou, l'espion d'une nouvelle espéce, tant en France, qu'en Angleterre. Contenant les portraits de personnages intéressans dans ces deux royaumes et donnant la clef des principaux evènemens de l'an 1779, et de ceux qui doivent arriver en 1780, 4th edn., Paris, 1779.
12. This probably refers to a pamphlet containing one or more resolutions adopted by the States General in response to Sir Joseph Yorke's memorials or, in a more general sense, to British depredations on Dutch shipping, but the specific title has not been identified.
13. [William Barron], Histoire de la fondation des colonies des anciennes republiques, adaptée a la dispute présente de la Grand Bretagne avec ses colonies Americaines. Traduite de l'anglais. A la quelle on a ajouté trois lettres intéressantes sur la même dispute et les articles de l'Union d'Utrecht comparés aux articles de l'union des colonies de l'Amerique Septentrionale, Utrecht, 1778. This is Cerisier's translation of History of the Colonization of the Free States of Antiquity, Applied to the Present Contest between Great Britain and her American Colonies. With Reflections concerning the Future Settlement of these Colonies, London, 1777.
14. Etat présent des Indes Hollandaises, contenant une peinture vraie et fidelle du gouvernement, de l'administration, et de la conduite des Hollandais dans les Indes-Orientales; le tableau de leurs forces de terre et de mer, de leur commerce languissant, de leur navigation &c. Batavia, [1780].
15. This pamphlet has not been identified.
16. In his reply of 23 Oct. (LbC, Adams Papers; JA, Corr. in the Boston Patriot, p. 257), JA indicated that he wished to keep all of the pamphlets and requested that Wild send more. None of the publications in the form indicated by Wild, however, are in JA's library at the Boston Public Library. In his letter of 23 Oct., in response to Wild's final paragraph, JA also indicated that the histories of Switzerland and the Netherlands were the ones most cited by Americans in their quest for liberty.

Docno: ADMS-06-10-02-0149

Author: Adams, John
Recipient: Capellen tot den Pol, Joan Derk, Baron van der
Date: 1780-10-22

To Joan Derk van der Capellen tot den Pol

[salute] Sir

I have this day recieved the Letter, which You did me the Honour to write me on the sixteenth instant. I beg You, Sir, to accept of my sincere Thanks for this Instance of your Attention to the United States of America. I have long desired the Honour of an Acquaintance with the Baron Van der Capellan, whose virtuous Attachment to the Rights of Mankind, and to the Cause of America, as founded in the clearest Principles of them, has been long known and admired in America.
I beg Leave to communicate to You in Confidence, as I have done to a very few as yet in this place, that although Mr. Laurens was destined to this Country, on an important Negotiation for the United States, yet the Congress, lest an Accident might happen to Mr. Laurens, have been pleased to send to me a Commission, in part at least of the same Import, although I had before a Commission for { 298 } another Service. I have kept my Commission secret, in hopes of Mr. Laurens's Arrival. But all hopes of this, by the barbarous Severity of the English, are now at an End, and I must set myself in earnest about the Business of my Commission.
I have not yet settled the Conditions, nor determined upon an House. I should be happy, Sir, to have your Advice in Respect to both.
You give me great pleasure, by informing me, that a Relation of yours has discovered an Inclination to place twenty thousand Florins in the American Funds. As soon as an House is chosen and the Terms fixed, I shall with pleasure accept the offer.
I shall give great Attention to the Gentlemen, You are so good as to recommend to me.
Mr. Trumbull is, as I believe in London. He will doubtless pay his Respect to You, when he comes this Way.
I have the Honour to be, with the highest Respect, Sir, your obliged and obedient Servant.
[signed] John Adams
RC in John Thaxter's hand (Algemeen Rijksarchief, The Hague, Papers of van der Capellen, No. 29A, p. 200).
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