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Docno: ADMS-06-11-02-0304-0002

Author: Adams, John
Date: 1781-07-09

Enclosure: John Adams' Memorandum

Accordingly on Wednesday I went to Versailles and met the Count at his office with Mr. Rayneval at 9 o Clock, who communicated to me, the following Articles, proposed by the two Imperial Courts,1—that Spain had prepared her Answer—that of France was near ready—did not know that England had yet answered.
RC (Arch. Aff. Etr., Paris, Corr. Pol., E.-U., vol. 17:312); endorsed: “[ . . . ]na previènt de [arr]ivée et qu'il va [ . . . ]dre à Versailles.” LbC's (Adams Papers) The first of two Letterbook copies is written on the same sheet of paper as JA's letter to Vergennes { 408 } of 7 July, above, tipped into Lb/JA/16 (Adams Papers, Microfilms, Reel No. 104). The second Letterbook copy is entered in Lb/JA/17 (same, Reel No. 105). The memorandum appears immediately below the second Letterbook copy.
The content of all or some notes that appeared on this page in the printed volume has been moved to the end of the preceding document.
1. See JA's copy of the Austro-Russian proposal for Anglo-American peace negotiations, [11 July], below. When JA published the articles in the Boston Patriot in 1809, he included additional information about his meeting at Versailles:
“These articles were given me in French, and they graciously condescended to let me see the original communication from the two Imperial Courts as far and no farther than these three articles extended. All the rest was carefully covered up with a book. I desired to see and have a copy of the whole; but no, that could not be permitted.
“I returned to Paris, where I was alone. Congress had taken from me my bosom friend, my fellow traveller and fellow sufferer, in whose society I always found satisfaction, and in whose enlightened counsels, ample assistance and confidence, Mr. Dana, and sent him on a mission to Russia. My private secretary, Mr. Thaxter, I was obliged to leave in charge of my family and affairs in Holland. I had therefore every thing to write, translate and copy with my own hand”
(JA, Corr. in the Boston Patriot, p. 110).

Docno: ADMS-06-11-02-0305

Author: Adams, John
Author: Thaxter, John
Recipient: President of Congress
Recipient: McKean, Thomas
Date: 1781-07-10

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To the President of Congress

Amsterdam, 10 July 1781. RC and signature in John Thaxter's hand PCC, No. 84, III, f. 268–269. printed : Wharton, ed., Dipl. Corr. Amer. Rev., 4:556–557.
John Thaxter wrote this letter during John Adams' absence at Paris. It contains an English translation of an article that appeared in Dutch newspapers, including the Gazette de Leyde of 10 July. The article reported that on 4 July the Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel informed the States General that he was grateful for the resolution of confidence it adopted on 2 July. He requested, however, an investigation of his conduct, which was the only means to absolve him fully from the charges made against him. The States General agreed to the investigation.
RC and signature in John Thaxter's hand (PCC, No. 84, III, f. 268–269.) printed: (Wharton, ed., Dipl. Corr. Amer. Rev., 4:556–557.)

Docno: ADMS-06-11-02-0306-0001

Author: Russia
Author: Austria
Recipient: Vergennes, Charles Gravier, Comte de
Date: 1781-07-11

Austro-Russian Proposal for Anglo-American Peace Negotiations, with John Adams' Translation

Articles pour Servir de base à la négociation du retablissement de la paix.1
Arte. Ier.
Il sera traité entre la grande Bretagne et les Colonies Américaines du rétablissement de la paix en Amérique; mais sans l'intervention d'aucunes des autres parties Belligérentes, ni même celle des deux Cours Impériales, à moins que leur médiation n'ait été formellement demandée et accordée sur cet objet.
Arte. II.
Cette paix particulière ne pourra cependant être Signée, que con• { 409 } jointment et en même tems avec celle des Puissances, dont les intérêts auront été traités par les Cours Médiatrices. Les deux paix moïennant cela, quoiqu'elles pourront être traités séparement, ne devant point pouvoir être conclües l'une Sans l'autre, on aura soin d'informer constamment les Médiateurs de la marche et de l'état de celle qui regarde la grande Bretagne et les Colonies, à fin que la médiation Soit à même de pouvoir Se régler pour la marche de celle qui lui est confiée d'après l'état de la négociation relative au Colonies; et l'une et l'autre des deux pacifications, qui auront été conclües en même tems, quoique separement, devront être solemnellement garanties par les Cours médiatrices, et toute autre Puissance neutre, dont les parties Belligérantes pourront juger à propos de reclamer la garantie.
Arte. III.
Pour rendre les négociations pacifiques indépendantes des évènements toujours incertains de la guerre, qui pourroient en arrêter, ou au moins en rétarder les progrés, il y aura, un Armistice général entre toutes les parties pendant le terme d'une année à compter du ... du mois de ... de la presente ou de ... années à compter du ... du mois de ... de l'année 1782. S'il arrivoit que la paix générale ne fût point rétablie dans le cours du premier terme. Et pendant la durée de l'un ou de l'autre de ces deux termes, toutes choses devront rester dans l'état, où elles Se trouveront avoir été au jour de la signature des présent articles préliminaires.
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