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Docno: ADMS-06-11-02-0058-0001

Author: Dumas, Charles William Frederic
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1781-01-29

From C. W. F. Dumas

[salute] Monsieur

Dans ma Lettre d'hier il y a une erreur qui doit être redressée. Ce n'est point parce qu'on attend un Courier de Petersbourg, que le Manifeste n'a pas encore été publié, mais parce que les villes d'Amsterdam et de Dort ne sont point contentes de celui qui est dressé, ne le trouvent pas assez fort, et veulent qu'on en fasse un autre. Voilà la seule raison qui a retardé celui-ci; et l'on en fera un autre.
Votre prédiction, Monsieur, d'une convulsion dont l'Angleterre est menacée,1 pourroit bien s'accomplir plutôt que vous ne pensez. Les grains sont fort chers en Angleterre. Ce qui coûtoit cent, est aujourd'hui à 175. La Livre de pain coûte à Londres 10 pence: on y craint une Révolte.
Probablement la rep. fera dans peu la démarche de demander à la France le secours de ses forces aux Indes orientales. On l'a proposé au St–r, qui l'a approuvé.
Le Courier expédié d'ici à Petersb. pour demander les secours de la Convention, n'est parti qui le 12 de ce mois, ainsi il ne pourra guere être de retour que vers le 20e. du prochain.
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On garnit nos côtes contre des descentes qui paroissent peu à craindre à cause des bancs qui les bordent. Vous êtes, Monsieur, à même plus que moi de voir si la même diligence est employée pour l'équipement de la Flotte. Je suis avec le plus vrai respect & attachement Monsieur Votre très-obéissant serviteur
[signed] Dumas

Docno: ADMS-06-11-02-0058-0002

Author: Dumas, Charles William Frederic
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1781-01-29

C. W. F. Dumas to John Adams: A Translation

[salute] Sir

In yesterday's letter I made an error which must be corrected. It is not the awaited arrival of the St. Petersburg courier that has delayed the publication of the manifesto, but rather that the cities of Amsterdam and Dordrecht are not satisfied with the current one. They find it too weak and want it redone. This is the only reason for its delay, and another one will be drafted.
Your prediction, sir, that England may be threatened by an uprising,1 may happen sooner than you think. Grain is very expensive in England. It used to cost one hundred and today costs one hundred and seventy-five. A pound of bread costs ten pence in London. A revolt is feared.
It is likely the republic will soon make a démarche requesting French assistance for its forces in the East Indies. It was proposed to the Stadholder, who approved it.
The courier sent to St. Petersburg to request assistance under the convention did not leave until the 12th of this month and therefore he could not possibly return sooner than the 20th of February.
Our coasts are garrisoned against attack which we hardly fear because of the shoals that line them. You, sir, are even more able than I am to see if the same diligence is applied to outfitting the fleet. I am with the most genuine respect and attachment, sir, your very obedient servant
[signed] Dumas
1. In JA's letter of 25 Jan., above.

Docno: ADMS-06-11-02-0059

Author: Grand, Henry
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1781-01-29

From Henry Grand

[salute] Sir

By order and for Account of M. Fr. Dana I am to credit your Account for 2658.16.10 which I have already done, and said Money will rest at your Disposal.1 Said Gentleman has likewise remitted me 4 Loan office Bills amounting to 2390. for your Account also, and for which you will have credit when in cash.
No Body has yet drawn on me, Sir for the Madeira Wine I have in my Cellar belonging to you, and could wish however to have the { 88 } Invoice of said Wine to enable me to give it any apreciation for Sale, in case Purschasers should present themselves.2
I am with due Respect Your most obt hbl st
[signed] Grand
1. See Francis Dana's letter of [31 Jan.], below. This transfer of funds caused considerable confusion in JA's account. The matter was not finally settled until Henry Grand's letter of 31 May 1782 (Adams Papers).
2. For the wine, see vol. 10:414–415.
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