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Docno: ADMS-06-12-02-0237-0002

Author: La Vauguyon, Paul François de Quélen de Stuer de Causade, Duc de
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1782-04-02

The Duc de La Vauguyon to John Adams: A Translation

I had proposed, sir, to spend a few days in Amsterdam at the end of this week, but I am absolutely obliged to remain here and will have the honor of informing you of the reasons. In the meantime, I want very much to speak with you and pray that you would come to The Hague unless you are indispensibly detained at Amsterdam.1
{ 381 }

[salute] Receive, sir, a new assurance of the inviolable sentiments of attachment and consideration with which I have the honor of being your very humble and very obedient servant.

[signed] Le Duc De La vauguyon
1. JA went to The Hague on the morning of 4 April and returned on the 6th (Dumas to Robert R. Livingston, 4 April, Wharton, ed., Dipl. Corr. Amer. Rev., 5:292–293).

Docno: ADMS-06-12-02-0238-0001

Author: Low, Herr von
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1782-04-02

From Herr von Low

[salute] Hochwohlgebohrner Herr Insonders Höchstzuverehrender Herr Ministre!

Nachdem man vor kurzer Zeit in verschiedenen öffentlichen deutschen Blättern zu wiederholtenmalen die Bekanntmachung gelesen, daß die vereinigten Staaten von Nord-America erfahrene Ingenieure in ihre Dienste zu engagieren suchen, und selbigen vorzüglich gute Conditiones vorlegen würden; So habe dem Verlangen eines meiner Freunde, welcher als practischer Ingenieur in französischen Diensten gestanden, ein Genüge leisten, und Ew. Hochwohlgebohrn um nähere Bestimmung obgedachter Conditionen gehorsamst ersuchen, allem voraus als dem mein Freund, welcher gegenwärtig in Geschäften verreist ist, selbst schriftlich weiter in dieser Sache zu tractiren und sich Ew. Hochwohlgebohrn’ hohen protection zu empfehlen nicht verfehlen wird. Indeßen habe ich vor meine Person die Ehre Dieselben um geneigteste Rück-Antwort auf gegenwärtiges gehorsamst zu ersuchen,1 mit allem Respect beharrend Ew. Hochwohlgebohrn Gehorsamster Diener
[signed] von Low
Directorial Secretair beym Westphälischen Reichs Grafen-Collegio

Docno: ADMS-06-12-02-0238-0002

Author: Low, Herr von
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1782-04-02

Herr von Low to John Adams: A Translation

[salute] Right Honorable Sir and Minister!

Since the repeated announcement in public German newspapers of the fact that the United States of North America is trying to find and hire experienced engineers and would guarantee them excellent and good conditions, so I have wished to do a favor for one of my friends, who as a practical engineer has worked for the French, and thus I have wanted, most { 382 } obediently, to ask your right honorable sir for further information about the abovementioned conditions, before my friend, who is traveling for business at the moment, negotiates this matter further in writing and will not fail to recommend himself under your right honorable sir’s protection. In the meantime I have the honor to obediently request a reply to this inquiry,1 remaining with all respect, your right honorable sir’s obedient servant
[signed] von Low
Directorial Secretair at the Westphälischen Reichs Grafen-Collegio
1. There is no indication that JA replied to either this letter or a second of 16 May that is in French (Adams Papers).
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