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Docno: ADMS-06-13-02-0045-0001

Author: Chabanel, Mme. V.
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1782-05-31

From Mme. V. Chabanel

[salute] Monsieur

Cet Avec Empressement, que Je Solisitte Monsieur Le Baron de, Brederode, Chanbellan Actuels de Sa Majeste Imperià le et Roÿale et Colonel au Service de LEtat, de vouloir Se Charger de La presente, pour Minformer de LEtat de Senté, de Votre Excelence, Lequel Jespere Sera parfaitte, cequi mefera plaisir dEntendre, Comme Aussi de LEstimable Monsieur Thaxter, on Ma dit quil Ettoit fort Malade ades fievres, Jespere quon M'aúramal Instruit et En cas quil a Le Malheur je Luÿ Soúhaitte un Promt Retablissement.
{ 89 }
Monsieur Le Baron et Madame Son Epouse Son fort demes bons, Amis Lequels Je Respecte baucaeup. Monsieur est un homme, dún Grand Esprit et tres Zelé patriote, Desire fort de Lier Conaissance avec Votre Excelence et ma Souvant Solisitee de Luÿ En proeuver Les Ocations qui Mont Souvent Manquée.
Jaÿ Recuë des Lettre Mardie de Mon Neveu Le Roÿ du 11 Mars de la havana, que Lambargo Lempechet de pour Suivre Son Voÿage, pour philadelfia cequi est fort Chagimant pour Luÿ, et pour Moi Messieurs van hasselt et Brailfort, Y vont En Caroline, Le Vaissaux du Comandore Nest pas En Core, En ordre Cependt. mon Niveú, Ne le hazardera pas a Le Remonter Aÿant prie passage avec docteur Waterhous, pour philadelfia. Les 5 prix que Mr Gillon ofait Sont Venduë pour 250 Mille florins dehollande, aulieu que Sa Auroit Valuië isi 11 Cent Mille florins,1 Mon Neveu abien du Contre tans dans Ce Voyà ge, tout La fante du Comandore.
Depuis quelque temps jeSuis fort indisposee de foiblesse de Poitriene et Ma plus Jeúne fille, a Continuellement Les fievre, depuis 3 Semaines.
Toute Ma famille, assúre deleur profonds Respects Votre Excelence, telle que Celle, qui après, Setre Recomander dans Lhonneur de Votre Souvenir, Se Nomme avec La plus haute Estime & Veneration Monsieur Votre Tres Humble Obeisante Servante
[signed] V. Chabanel2
Nee Le Roÿ

Docno: ADMS-06-13-02-0045-0002

Author: Chabanel, Mme. V.
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1782-05-31

Mme. V. Chabanel to John Adams: A Translation

[salute] Sir

I have eagerly asked Mr. Baron de Brederode, the current chamberlain to his royal and imperial majesty, and colonel in the state's service, to deliver this letter to you so that I may be informed of your health, which, I hope, is perfect, as well as the health of the inestimable Mr. Thaxter, who I have heard has been very ill with fevers. I hope I was misinformed but if not, I do wish him a quick recovery.
The Baron and his wife are good friends for whom I have great respect. He is man of great spirit and is a zealous patriot who wishes to make your excellency's acquaintance. He has often asked me to introduce him, but I have often missed the opportunity.
Tuesday, I received letters from my nephew Le Roy dated 11 March from Havana. The embargo prevents him from continuing his voyage to Philadelphia, which is very distressing for him and for me. Mr. van Hasselt and Brailsford are going to Carolina on the commodore's ship, which has not { 90 } | view yet arrived. However, my nephew does not dare go on board, being committed to taking passage with Dr. Waterhouse for Philadelphia. Mr. Gillon's five prizes brought 250,000 f instead of 1,100,000 f they would get here.1 My nephew had quite a setback on this voyage, and the commodore's health suffered as well.
I have been indisposed for a while now with a weakness in my chest, and my young daughter has had fevers continuously for three weeks now.
My whole family sends their deep respects for your excellency, which we hope you will hold in your memory as an assurance of the highest esteem and veneration, sir, of your very humble obedient servant
[signed] V. Chabanel2
Nee Le Roÿ
RC (Adams Papers); endorsed: “Mad. Chabanelle May 31. 1782.”
1. For Gillon's sale of his prizes at Havana, see note 2 to JA's letter of 10 April to La Vauguyon (vol. 12:402). The figure given here in florins is approximately equal to the sum given there in pounds sterling.
2. For Madame Chabanel and her nephew, Herman Le Roy, see AFC, 4:148; JQA, Diary, 1:76–89passim.
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