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Legal Papers of John Adams, Volume 1

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Legal Category A. Law Study

Legal Category B. Adams' Pleadings Book

Legal Category C. Torts

Document Group Bassett v. Mayhew; Mayhew v. Bassett; Mayhew v. Allen

Document Group King v. Stewart

Editorial Note This case, an early instance of patriotic violence which disturbed Adams deeply, arose on ... 4 January 1768 King, Richard Province of the Massachusetts Bay To His Excellency the Governor The Honorable His Majestys ... 2 July 1771 King, Richard To The Honle. His Majesty's Justices of the Supr. Court of Judicature Court of Assize &c. ... 1 June 1774 — 30 June 1774 Adams, John To the Sheriff of our county of Cumberland his under-Sheriff or Deputy, Greeting. ... 1 June 1773 — 30 June 1773 Cushing, William Richard King v. Jno. Stewart & al ... 31 May 1773 King, Richard to Burbank, Silas I receved Yours of the 17th. Current, and a Second that appears to have ben wrote Since. In ... 28 June 1773 Burbank, Silas Whereas Richard King Esq. hath released me from Gaol where I have been sometime confined by ... 28 June 1773 Burbank, Silas I Silas Burbanks of lawful age testify and say, that in the spring of the Year 1766, a few ... 19 January 1773 — 9 July 1774 Newbegin, John I John Newbegin of Lawful Age testify and say that the Evening of the 18th Day of March 1766 ... 16 June 1773 Wingate, Jonathan I Jonathan Wingate of lawful age testify and say that about eight or ten days before Mr. ... 1 April 1766 — 30 April 1766 Stewart, John to King, Richard In Considiration whar of a number of the Suns of liburty have Shun a mordrit resment i.e. ... 27 May 1774 King, Richard Richard King To those Imediately Consirned in his action of review against them Depending &c.... 29 June 1774 Sayward, Jonathan Jonathan Sayward of York in Said County of York, Esqr. Testifys and Says that He very well ... 1 July 1774 — 31 July 1774 Adams, John Scurlogging. ... 7 July 1774 Adams, John to Adams, Abigail I am engaged in a famous Cause: The Cause of King, of Scarborough vs. a Mob, that broke into ...

Document Group Cotton v. Nye

Document Group Burnam v. Mugford

Document Group Gill v. Mein

Document Group Gray v. Pitts

Legal Category D. Contracts

Legal Category E. Commercial Law

Document Group Alcock v. Warden

Document Group Apthorp v. Gardiner

Document Group Bancroft v. Lee

Document Group Crowningshield v. Lee

Document Group Longman v. Mein; Wright & Gill v. Mein

Legal Category F. Property

Document Group Prout v. Minot

Document Group Keen v. Turner

Document Group Clap's Will

Document Group Clap v. Randall

Document Group Hill v. Whiting

Document Group Prescott v. Keep; Prescott v. Priest

Document Group Wilkins v. Fuller; Smith v. Fuller

Legal Category G. Domestic Relations

Legal Category H. Administrative Law

Document Group Roxbury v. Boston

Document Group Plympton v. Middleboro

Document Group Chelsea v. Boston

Document Group Brookline v. Roxbury

Document Group Essane v. Dotey

Document Group Gage v. Headley

Document Group Josselyne v. Harrington

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