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Legal Papers of John Adams, Volume 2

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Legal Category I. Town Government

Legal Category J. Conservation

Legal Category K. Religion

Legal Category L. Slavery

Editorial Note “I was concerned in several Causes in which Negroes sued for their Freedom before the ...

Document Group Slew v. Whipple

Document Group Newport v. Billing

Document Group Margaret v. Muzzy

Document Group Caesar v. Taylor

Document Group Caesar v. Greenleaf

Legal Category M. Admiralty—Civil Jurisdiction

Legal Category N. Admiralty—Revenue Jurisdiction

Editorial Note The majority of John Adams' cases in the Court of Vice Admiralty involved breaches of the ...

Document Group Petition of Lechmere

Document Group Folger v. Sloop Cornelia

Document Group Sewall v. Hancock

Document Group Dowse v. Thirty-three Hogsheads of Molasses

Document Group Sheaffe v. The Triton

Document Group Dowse v. Nineteen Casks of Molasses

Document Group Butler v. The Union

Document Group Dawson v. The Dolphin

Document Group Dawson v. The Jenny

Document Group Ross' Case

Legal Category O. Admiralty—White Pine Acts Jurisdiction

Legal Category P. Admiralty—Criminal Jurisdiction

Legal Category Q. Admiralty—Prize Jurisdiction

Legal Category R. Criminal Law

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