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JQA Diary, volume 24 14 July 1795
JQA Neal Millikan

14. Walking in the street in the morning, met W. Clark. In the afternoon W. Amory called on me; said he was a prisoner of War to the french army, and was desirous if possible to be liberated; that he had been sick in the hospital near Rotterdam, these ten months, and being now upon the recovery, and having an opportunity to go home, he was very anxious to obtain a discharge. I wrote immediately to the Representative Richard, a card, requesting to know when I could speak with him this day. Towards evening his Secretary Brulé called and told me that Richard would be at home the remainder of the day, and would see me at the hour most convenient to myself. I went immediately afterwards, and stated to the Representative the circumstances of Amory’s story as he had told them to me; told him that I knew him personally to be an American, and was much acquainted with his family, which is highly respectable. He said that the discharge should be granted without the least difficulty, that it would be given with much pleasure as a compliance with the request of the Minister from a friend and ally of France, and if I would send the person to him in the morning with a line mentioning his name, and that he is the person concerning whom I had now spoken, he would immediately give the order necessary for his discharge.