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JQA Diary, volume 24 15 July 1795
JQA Neal Millikan Recreation

15. Amory called here again early this morning; I gave him the letter for the Representative Richard, and about an hour afterwards he returned, with an order from him for the discharge with permission to return to America. I then observed to Amory, that it was I supposed meant simply as authorizing him to go home, and it was perhaps expected that he should not go to England. He said he certainly should not, and his only wish was to return to his own Country. Called on Mr: Quarles the Greffier with a note upon the subject of the prohibition upon the exportation of arms. He said he presumed there would be no difficulty in the matter, but that in point of form, it would be proper to present a memorial to the President of the States General, which I told him I would do with the greatest pleasure; the form of the thing being altogether 42immaterial to me. Quarles is Dutchman all over, and prides himself upon it. It is possible, that with his manners very unpolished, and an appearance of very little cultivation or natural force of understanding, there are certain talents possessed by him; if so they are more of intrigue, than of any other character, & they are assuredly not brilliant.

Clarke dined with us, and we had much conversation upon our old affairs and our own Country. Baron Rehausen called here in the afternoon. Went to the concert given again by the band of music belonging to the french army. Not remarkably pleased Ripley was here this morning.