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Papers of the Winthrop Family, Volume 3

Roger Williams to John Winthrop1
Williams, Roger Wintrhop, John New Providence this last of the weeke ca. August 12, 1637 Sir,

I am much desired by Yotaash (the bearer hereof Miantunnomues 480brother) to interprete his Message to you viz: that Miantunnomu requests you to bestow a Pequt squaw upon him.

I obiect, he had his share sent him. he answeres that Caunounicus receaved but a few women and keepes them: and yet he sayth his brother hath more right: for, himselfe and his brothers men first laid hold vpon that Company.

I obiect, that all are disposed of he answeres, if so, he desires to buy one or 2 of some English man.

I obiect that here are many runn away, which I haue desired himselfe might convey home to you: he replies, they haue bene this fortnight busie (that is keeping of a kind of Christmas): and 2ndly at present Miantunnomues father in law lyes a dying:2 as allso that some of the Runnawayes perished in the woods: 3 are at the Nanhighonsick, and 3 within 10 mile of this place: which I thinck may best be fetcht by 2 or 3 Massachuset Indians who may here get some one or 2 more to accompany and helpe.

Sir you were pleased some while since to intimate some breach of leauge in Miantunnomu. I would not disharten this man from comming by my speech any way: but I could wish you would please to intimate your mind fully to him as allso that if there be any iust exception which they cannot well answere that vse be made of it (if it may be with the Safetie of the Common Peace) to get the bit into their mouthes3 especially if there be good assurance from the Mowhauges so with my best salutes and earnest sighes to heaven I rest Your Worships vnworthy

Roger Williams

Original in private possession; 4 Collections , vi. 241.


In the margin: “both are true.”


In the margin: “I meane the bit of awfull respect that now they fall not into mutinies at home etc.”