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Papers of the Winthrop Family, Volume 4

Deed of Masconomet to John Winthrop, Jr.1
Masconomet Winthrop, John, Jr.

I Musconominet Sagamore of Agawam, doe by these presents acknoledge to haue Receiued of Mr. John Wintrop the Some of Twenty poundes, in full satisfacion of all the Right property and Cleame, I haue or ought to haue, vnto all the lands lying and being in the Bay of Agawam, alls. Ipswich being so Called now by the English, as well alsuch land as I formerly reserued vnto my owne vse at Chibocco as alsoe all other lands belonging vnto me in those parts Mr. Dummers farme excepted only, And I herby relinquish all the Right and Interest I haue vnto all the Hauens Rivers Creekes Ilands, huntings and fishings with all the woodes Swampes Timber and whatsoever ells is or may be in or vpon the said ground to me belongeing, and I doe hereby acknoledge to haue receiued full Satisfacion from the said Jno. Wintropp for all former agreements touching the premises or any part of them, And I doe hereby bind my selfe, to make good the foresaid bargaine and Saile vnto the said John Wintrop his heires and assignes foreuer, and to secure him against the tytle and Cleame of all other Indians and Natiues whatsoeuer. Witnesse my hand this 28 June 1638.

Musconominet his X marke Witnesses herevnto Thomas Coytmore James Downinge Robart Hardinge Jno. Jollife

This deed aboue written so signed and witnessed being Compared with the originall 4 B. p. 381:2 word for word stands thus entred and Recorded at the request of Captaine Wayte Winthrop this 15th of february 1682 as Attests

Edward Rawson Secret.

Essex Institute; Waters, Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, I. 9. For the acknowledgment of Masconomet, Sagamore of Agawam, see pages 104–105, below.