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Papers of the Winthrop Family, Volume 4

Petition of the Inhabitants and Freemen of Lynn1
Willis, Thomas Holyoke, Edward Sadler, Richard Howell, Edward Tomlins, Richard Talmadge, Thomas Lynn, town of JW Court of Assistants of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
To our much Honoured Gouernour Deputie Gouernour, Assistants and generall Court now assembled
The Petition of the inhabitants and Freemen of the towne of Lynne

It is not vnknowen to a great part of the Countrey what hinderances, hazards and inconveniences do dayly accrew vnto such as passe ouer our Riuer by reason of the Flatts and rottennesse of the Marsh which are very hard to be prevented without much charge: and if they were amended would be yet still subject to dammage and decay. We thought meete therefore to suggest thus much vnto this Honoured Court that if they shalbe pleased to lend some competent allowance vnto so good a worke, as the erecting of a 104Bridge, Wee shalbe very willing to exceed our proportion in furthering the same: and had not the worke beene very weighty and our strength small we should not haue desired assistance in the same. But our confidence of your readinesse to further a publique good hath persuaded vs to present you these our desires, which we humbly leaue to your wise consideracion;2 and rest Yours and the Common Wealths to be commanded

Tho: Willes Edward Holyoke Richard Sadler Edward Howell Edward Tomlins Thomas Talmadge In the name of the towne The 11th of the first moneth 1638/39

W. 4. 167; 5 Collections , I. 488–489.


The General Court, on June 6, 1639, ordered “that those of Linn should have 50li from the country toward the building of a cart bridg over the ryver there, when the bridg is finished to bee allowed them.” Records of Massachusetts, I. 261.