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Papers of the Winthrop Family, Volume 4

Dorothy Crane to Richard Crane1
Crane, Dorothy Crane, Richard
To hir very loveinge husband Richard Crane seruant to Mr. Edward Rawsone at his house at Newbery be this deliuered New England
Loueing husband,

My love remembered vnto you withe Marey your daughter and all the rest of our Children remembrethe ther dewteyes vnto you, all of vs hoping of your healthe as we ware at the writing heare of Thease ar to let you to vnderstand thatt I haue sent your clothes a pair of Breeches and a jurken and a Wascott and 2 new Shirtes and 2 paire of Shewes But as for my cominge to New England, I cannot and the reason is Because I want meanes or Abiletey Besides that I am not as yet minded to com thither And further moore as for your coming houm I defare that to your owne mind for you know our Estatt how it is withe vs heare and likewise you know how it is thear with youe thearfore vse your owne mind for that Mater. But as for that you sent to know how longe you sware to serue for your 35li your master knew at the first your Agreement that it was for 3 yeares seruices at our first knowledge. And afterword your master and you bothe told vs that you ware to serue hime for 5 yeares. And thenne your condition was that the 5li which was aboue 30li was to goe or be in part of the 2 last yeares wages which is 20li the which he promised that it should be left heare for the Benefett of your wife and children Excepteing that in parte of the 5li which wase 106to be Alowed you which was from the Annunciation of the vergen Marey vntill the daye of your Ariueinge in New England which was at 4s a weeke which we doe conceiue to be about 2li 10s Soe we doe conceiue that at the end of your 3 yeares thear will be 17li and ode mony due vnto you for your last 2 yeares seruice And furthrmoar we doe desiere to know whear your master doe not pay you your 4li a year yearly during the said terme or not. And so we leaue you to the protection of the Almightey hoping that your master and mistris ar in good healthe, I rest Your loveing wife

Dorothy Crane Steaston the 15th of Marche 1638/39

I haue sent your Clothes withe Walter Haimes Goodes.


W. 4. 33; 5 Collections , I. 87–88. Richard Crane apparently later forwarded this letter to Governor Winthrop. See Richard Crane to John Winthrop, May 9, 1640 (pages 238–239, below).