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"Address to the Ladies"

Address to the Ladies

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An Address to the Ladies
As managers of the household budget, women are integral to the colonial economy. Their everyday activities, such as purchasing clothing and food, make them essential participants in politicians' attempts to curb the consumption of British goods. Patriotic daughters of liberty are urged to find local substitutes for imported articles, especially those imported from Britain. Many propagandists encourage women to join the non-consumption movement by connecting the politics of boycotts to the security of the home and family.

To examine all four pages of this newspaper, please see the online display of The Boston Post-Boy & Advertiser, 16 November 1767.

Questions to Consider

1. Make a list of the specific items the ladies being asked to give up. Do any of these items surprise you? Defend your answer!

2. What does the author promise women in return for their patriotism?

3. Do you think the author of this article is a man or a woman? Why? Identify words or phrases that support your answer.

Further Exploration

4. Compare this article to the "Save your money, and Save your Country" article. [Click here to view the "Save your Money" article.] How are the two articles similar? How are they different?