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John Adams diary 25, pages 6 and 7, [memorandum of measures to be pursued in Congress]

John Adams diary 25, pages 6 and 7, [memorandum of measures to be pursued in Congress]

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A New Nation's To-Do List
Having been voted back into his position as delegate to the Continental Congress with 126 out of 129 possible votes, John Adams keeps his diary along the road back to Philadelphia. Among the records of dinner engagements and inspections of cannon, Adams also keeps his notes on what he believes the Congress must achieve both to support the war effort, and to support the cause of independence.

Questions to Consider

1. What are the priorities that John Adams wants to set before the Congress? What are his political priorities? economic?

2. Using the Oxford English Dictionary or similar reference source, look up the meanings of "hemp" and "duck" in the 18th century. To what purpose would John Adams be interested in encouraging these industries?

Further Exploration

3. Assume "F.S.H.D." in the Treaties of Commerce line corresponds to France, Spain, Holland, and Denmark. Research John Adams' later political career: did he take a personal interest or role in securing treaties with any of these countries?