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"Extract of a Letter from London, dated July 27, 1770."

Extract of a Letter from London, dated July 27, 1770.

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Non-importation is dead
In May 1770, colonists learn that Parliament has repealed the Townshend duties, save that on tea. Eager to resume a vigorous and profitable trade, New York abandons its non-importation agreement in May; Philadelphia follows suit on 20 September. Despite an effort to arrange a cross-colony meeting, Boston's merchants also vote to lift their trade ban in October. One patriot writing from overseas in July laments the anticipated demise of a measure that had already demonstrated its usefulness in influencing British policy.

To examine all four pages of this newspaper, please see the online display of The Boston Gazette, and Country Journal, 15 October 1770.

Questions to Consider

1. According to the author of this letter, what is Parliament proposing to do to stop the non-importation movement in the colonies?

2. Why does the author argue that non-importation has been successful?

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