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Letter from Nathaniel Folsom and John Sullivan to Meshech Weare, 12 October 1774

Letter from Nathaniel Folsom and John Sullivan to Meshech Weare, 12 October 1774

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Reports from Philadelphia
While Congress meets, delegates routinely correspond with political leaders in their home colonies. These letters pass limited information to a select few, but not until Congress adjourns on 26 October 1774 are its petitions, letters, and resolves widely disseminated in pamphlets and broadsides. Before delegates leave Philadelphia, they decide to reconvene on 10 May 1775 unless Parliament moves to restore their rights. As the men return to their homes, the petition to the King and the declaration of rights and grievances are carried to London along with the address to the people of Great Britain. The delegates are left to ponder whether colonists will embrace their proposed course of action.

Questions to Consider

1. Which colony do Nathaniel Folsom and John Sullivan represent?

2. What does the Congress ask of General Gage?

Further Exploration

3. Imagine that you are a delegate to Congress. Write a letter to your home government briefly summarizing the decisions made by the Congress. Which actions do you support? Which actions do you disagree with?