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John Rowe diary 13, 18-20 July 1776, page 2197

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18 July [1776] Thursday very Pleasant WW
This day Independency was Declard in
Boston from the Balcony of the Council
Chamber. I dind at home with Mrs Rowe
& Spent the Evening at home with Jos Haskins
Richd Greene, Major Chase & Mrs Rowe
a Great Confusion in Town --

19 July Fryday Rain. WSo -- I dind at
home with Mr Parker Mr Warner Mr Green
& Mrs Rowe & Spent the Evening with
John Haskings Stephen Cleverly & Richd Green

20 July Saturday Rain & Strong Wind So &
I dind at Richd Greens with him Mrs Green
Stephen Cleverly Mr. Parker & Andr Johnnot
and spent the Evening at home with Mrs Rowe
This Evening Advertisements were put up
for the Inhabitants to Meet on Monday next
at Ten in the Morning in the Common