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"Boston, November 4, 1765. By Capt. Chambers who arrived at New-York Yesterday ..."

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4 November 1765

By Capt. Chambers who arrived at New-York
Yesterday Sen'night from Bristol,we have the follow-
ing short Extracts from the public Prints to Sept 4.

" THAT Letters have been received from Vir-
ginia, representing that Colony in the ut-
most Confusion on Account of the Stamp Duty, and
that there is but little likelihood of restoring the pub-
lic Peace, without an absolute abrogation of that Act,
or an immediate exertion of the Mother Country's
Power to give the Assembly a proper Idea of their De-
pendency on the Resolution of a British Parliament :
That the Murmurs on Account of the Stamp Duty
are not confined to Virginia only ; ALL the colonies
consider it as a most INTOLERABLE BURTHEN, &
don't scruple to say, that we on the other Side of
the Water have raised them to some Degree of Im-
portance, merely to make them more Contemptable
in their Fall.----THAT the Parliament would cer-
tainly meet about the 15th of November.----THAT
'twas said the Payment of Canada Bills would
be peremptorily refused by the Court of France.----
THAT on receiving the first News at Paris of the
late Transactions between the French and English at
Newfoundland, an extraordinary Council was direct-
ly called at Versailles, on the breaking up of which,
Orders were immediately dispatched to the French
Commander on that Station, and Instructions were
forwarded to the Intendants of the Marine at Brest,
Rockford, and Toulon.----THAT Dispatches were
received from Lord Colvil Commander at Halifax,and
his Lordship would soon be reinforced with seve-
ral more Men orWar.----That Lord Bute was at
Court the 2d of Semptember.--THAT his Majesty

was much better.--THAT an Answer was daily ex-
pected from Madrid, regarding certain important
Questions lately put to that Court, according to which
it is said will be regulated some very spirited Mea-
sures now on the Carpet.--And, THAT 'tis said Ap-
plication will be made next Session of Parliament to
obtain a certain Bounty per Ton on Shipping, built
in the American Colonies, which shall be sent toSale
to any Foreign European Market..--

We also learn, That the new Ministry were in ge-
neral much approved by the Public, whose Attention
had been so much taken up with the Bustle occasioned
by the late extraordinary Change, that our most just
and heavy Complaints of Oppression, had as yet scarce-
ly attracted the Public Notice---indeed they had not
then heard that our Distresses were so grievous, and
our Complaints so extensive and unanimous. Which
may serve as an Example to show the Absurdity of
the Pretences of our being represented by those who
can feel no Part of the Burdens and Distresses they
would impose on us ;--or that we could be repre-
sented at all, even if we chose Persons for that Pur-
pise, in an Assembly too remote to have timely and
necessary notices of our Circumstances, or to be pro-
perly under our Influence.

We are well afforded that the late General Congress
unanimously agreed on a Declaration of their Opinion
of the Rights of British Colonists, and of the
Grievances under which they now labor. This
Declaration is in substance the same with the Resolves
of the several Assemblies. Dutiful and Loyal Petit-
ons to his Majesty and both Houses of Parliament
were also agreed on and forwarded to Great-Britain.
It was also agreed, earnestly to recommend it to the
several Assemblies to appoint special agents for sol-
laicizing Relief from their present Grievances, and to
unite their utmost Interest and Endeavors for that
Purpose, and that the Proceedings of the Congress
should not be printed till there be Opportunity to
present the Petitions, great Indecency in the respect
of have taken place last Year.----On Friday the
25th ult. the Congress having executed their Com-
mission, the Gentlemen took a very affectionate leave
of each other, and the same Day most of the them left
New-York, for their respective Colonies.----On
Friday last JAMES OTIS, Esq; one of the Com-
mittee for this Province arrived here, and the same
Day reported the proceedings of the Congress, which
were approved : and the Thanks of the Houses Una-
nimously voted to their Committee for their Service.
The next Morning the House voted to appoint a Spe-
cial Agent on this Occasion, and Tuesday next is the
Time appointed to consider whether a Person shall
be sent from hence, or a special Agent Chosen in

The Stamp Paper which was design'd for this Pro-
vince and lodg'd at Castle-William, still remains at
that Place ; and we hear the Inhabitants of this and
the other Governments are determined not to use any