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"By several Vessels from Charlestown, South Carolina ..."

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[The dateline, "NEWPORT, November 11," appears towards the bottom of column 1 of the second page of the supplement (6th page of entire sequence of newspaper and supplement). ]

By several Vessels from Charlestown, South Caro-
lina arrived at Newport, we learn, That there was an
Exhibition in that Place on the 18th ult. in Token
of a general Detestation of the Stamp-Act, &c. A
Gallows was erected, on which the Effigies of a Stamp
man, the Devil, and the Head of Lord B--, in a
Boot, were suspended. On the Gallows these Words
were affixed; "Liberty, and no Stamp-Act." The
Stamp-man hung in the Center, with this Advertise-
ment on his Breast: Stamp Paper sold here for ready
Money only
." On his Back, "He who dare pull this
down, had better have a Mill-Stone tied about his Neck,
and cast into the Sea
." At the Back of the Stamp-
man was placed the Devil, with this Label in his
Hand, "Push on, S--y, ruin your Country, for Money
is your Motive.!'
Lord B--e's Head in a Boot graced
the Front, with these Words round the Neck, "Be-
hold, my Countrymen, the just Reward of a bad Minister."

--The Effigies were exhibted on the Gallows the
whole Day, to the great Pleasure of the Inhabintats in
general, then taken down and carted throughout the
Street, until they came to the St--p m-n's Door,
(where they supposed the Stamped Paper was lodged)
broke his Windows, then proceeded to the Suburbs
of the Town, and consumed the Effigies, amidst the
Acclamations of a large Concourse of People.

George Saxby, Esq; the South-Carolina Stamp-
Distributor, has resigned that Office.

At the late Exhibition of a Stamp man's Effigies
at Halifax, were the following Labels: On the
Stamp-man's Breast, was affixed his Confession, viz.

Behold me hanging on this cursed Tree,
Example to those who would Stamp men be.
It was for the Sake of Gain I took this Place;
The more the Shame, O pity my sad Case.
B--e was the Auther of this cursed Act,
And what I say, you may depend is Fact.
But alas! the Devil is too sly;
Instead of Gain has left me here to die.
Whosoever carries this away is an Enemy to his
What greater Glory can this Country see
Than a Stamp-master hanging on a Tree.
On one Pocket the following.     B--e's Speech :
O mourn with me my poor and wretched State
I now repent ; but alas ! too late.
America I sought to overthrow,
By stamping them to Death, you all must know,
But Pitt o'erthrew my Schemes, did me confound,
And brought my favourite Stamp-Act to the Ground.

On the Stamp-man's Right Arm, A.H.

On a Board Lord B--e with Satan dictating him.