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John Rowe diary 1, 13-14 August 1765, pages 182-183

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[The entry for 13 August 1765 has not been transcribed. See page image.]

14 August . Wind Westerly A Great Number
of people assembled this morning at--
Deacon Elliot s Corner to see the Stamp
Officer hung in Effigy with a Libel on
his Breast On Deacon Elliot's tree & along
side him. a Boot stuffd with Represen

which represented the Devill coming out of
Bute, this stamp officer hung up all Day --
at night they cut him down layd him
out & carried in Triumph amidst the
acclamations of many thousands who were
gathered together on that occasion, they --
proceeded from the So. End down the Main street
through the Town house & Round by Olivers Dock
they Pull'd down a New Building which some
people thought was Building for a Stamp
Office, & did some Mischief to Mr Andrew
Oliver s house (which I think they were much
to Blame) I dind at home this day with
Mr Inman Mrs. Rowe & Sucky & spent the
Beginning of the Evening at the Coffee house
with Joshua Winston Esqr Mr Thos Gray
The Treasurer Gray Mr Mollineaux Mr Thos
Gray Mr John Bolyston & Mr Nicho Boylston.
& Mr Remainder with Mr John Lane and
Mrs. Rowe & Sucky at home --