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John Rowe diary 1, 2-4 December 1764, page 47

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[2 December 1764 continued] and we know that all things work together
for Good to them that love God -- came home
with Mr. Robert Gould & spent the Evening at home
with him Mrs. Rowe & Sucky --

3d. [December] Monday heavy dull weather -- Wind Northerly.
dind at home with Mr. Inman Mrs. Rowe and
Sucky Spent the evening with the Committee
of Merchants & others abt the Loaf Sugar --
present Jos: Winslow Esqr Mr Thos Gray Mr
Edwd Paine Mr Richard Clark. Ezek Golthwait
Mr James Warden Mr Thos. Ivers -- Capt Solomon
Davis. Mr John Dennie Mr Mitabiah Bourne
voted that Mr Ivers Bring an Action at this
Court against the Collector for taking the
duty of five Shilling Sterg pr hundred on Loaf
Sugar cleared out at his office

4 [December] Tuesday dind at home with Mr. Inman Mrs --
Rowe & Sucky -- the weather changd the winds
Southerly spent the Evening at Mrs. Cordiss --
with Joshua Winslow Esq Mr. John Erving [I was?]
Capt. Solo Davis Mr. Saml Hughes & Mr. Nicho Boyston