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John Rowe diary 1, 9-12 January 1765, pages 69-70

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[January 9 1765 continued] with Ezekl. Golthwait Mr Nick Boylston Mr John
Irving Junr. Jerry Gridly Esqr -- Capt Solomon Davis
Mr. Tho Gray Colo Wm. Bourne of Marblehead
& Mr. John Boylston. The General Court met to
day & made a house

Jany 10. Thursday, More snow. Wind South East
Capt Bruce saild from the Long Wharf this day and
Capt Green saild for Liverpool dind at home with
Jerry Gridly Esqr & Colo. Bourn of Marblehead
Christo Minot Mrs. Rowe & Sucky --
Spent the Evening at Mrs. Cordis with Joshua --
Winslow -- Ezek Golthwait -- Solo. David Jno Erving
Jos Scot -- Colo Bourn of Marblehead, Geo: Bethune
Mr Jn Amiel. Thos. Gray John Boylston --

Jany 11. Fryday. The Weather More Moderate Winds
About West So. West. dind at home with Mr Inman
Mrs Rowe & Sucky -- went after dinner to the
Court & heard the Tryal between Mr Ivers and
Mr Hale Relative to the Duties on Loaf Sugar
very warm Debates on both sides but the Jury
found for the plaintiff Mr Ivers which was

generally thought a Good Verdict Spent the Evening
at Mrs. Cordis with Jerry Gridley Esq Mr Joseph Lee
of Cambridge Mr Ezekiel Golthwait Mr Thos Gray --
Mr. John Boylston Mr. James Perkins Mr. Jos: Scot
Mr. Wm Molineaux. Mr. John Erving Mr. Geo Bethune
Mr. James Warden and. Mr. John Amiel
came home about Eight o Clock & found the
Revd Mr. Hooper & spent the Remainder of the Evening
with him Mrs. Rowe & Sucky --

Jany 12th Saturday Wind North West very Cold
was called by Mr Henderson Inches & Cap Jno Blake
went to the warehouse & settled with them -- Capt
Blake sailed from Hancocks Wharff about twelve
of Clock with a fair wind -- dind at home
with Mr Inman Mrs. Rowe & Sucky Capt Dunn
in Robt Gould's Snow saild just before Blake
for So Carolina -- Messrs Benj & Edwd Davis
Brigg saild for Bristol at one of Clock --
Spent the Evening at home with Mrs. Rowe
& Sucky