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John Rowe diary 1, 15-17 January 1765, pages 72-73

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[14 January 1765 continued] also Nath Wheelwright. Capt Bruce [illegible] Monsieur
Perry Mr Inman Mr Wentworth Mr John Amiel & Son,
Spent the Evening at the Coffee House with Jerry Gridley
James Boutineau, -- John Boylston -- Solo Davis -- John
Erving junr -- Nick Boylston. Wm Molineaux -- Edwd
Payne, Ezekl Golthwait. & Mr Saml Hughes --

[Reminder: entry dated 15 Jan in pub. ed is different entry.] 15 Janry Tuesday, A very fine Morning -- Wind Westery
went to Cambridge with Mrs Hooper & Miss Polly
Mrs Rowe & Sucky & dind at Mr Inmans with
them & Colo Henry Vassall & lady came home after
noon & brot Mr Inman with the people above
mentiond -- Spent part of the Evening at the
Coffee House with Jerry Gridley. Joshua Winslow,
Nicho Boylston Jno Boylston Joseph Scot
Mr Hale Cause was Tryd between him & [illegible]
Hurd the Jury brought in their Verdict
in favor of Mr Hurd

16 [January] Wednesday A fine soft morning Wind Southerly --
Dind at home with Jarvas [illegible] & his

Spent the Evening at home with Mr Inman
& Mrs Rowe --

[Reminder: Transcription dates this excerpt as entry for 15 January.] 16 January Wednesday. [17 January] [Although John Rowe wrote, "16 January Wednesday," this entry is probably misdated, and the location of this entry seems to indicate that this entry should be dated 17 January.] A soft morning W. So. East
dind at home with Mr Inman Mrs Rowe Sucky
Wm. Speakman & Andrew Brimmer. The Trade
has been much alarmd this day Mr Wheelwright
stopt payment & kept in his room --
A Great Number of People will Suffer by him
Spent the Evening at Mrs Cordis with Joshua
Winslow Esq Ezekl Golthwait Melatiah Bourne.
James Perkins Joseph Scot John Boylston Wm.
Bourne of Marblehead. Wm Molineaux Jno Dennie
Solo Davis James Warden. Nick Boylston, the
Conversation of the Evening was on Nat Wheelwrights
affaires, Mr Inman went to the Assembly --

18 [January] Fryday -- Wind North East. Gloomy heavy Dull
Weather, dind at home with Mr Inman Capt
Solo Davis Mrs Rowe & Sucky -- Spent the
Evening at Mr Collector Hale at his lodgings