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On the Trial of the Inhuman Murderers, Of the 5th of March, 1770

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On the TRIAL of the
INHUMAN MURDERERS, Of the 5th. of March,

SEVEN long Months has faded quite away,
Since INNOCENCE itself became a Prey,
To Bloody Men.

Was it my Eyes deceiv'd me ? -- did I Dream ?
Or did I Clearly see through every Scene,
Blood Trickling Down ?

Ah ! that I did ! -- Come forth ye Murd'rers now ;
Come to the Bar, before thy Judge then bow,
And Pardon Crave.

But I'm content if thou art Pardon'd here : --
Another Greater Trial, thou must bear,
How will you Stand ?

The Man that doth his Fellow-Creature Slay,
Vengeance belongs to ME I Will Repay,
Thus Saith the LORD

And since the King of Heaven, is Thus Spoke,
What can'st thou Give for this Sad, Fatal Stroke,
But Thine Own Blood.

'Tis GOD's Command, Blood shall be Shed for Blood --
'Twas you Barbarians, laid them in a Flood,
Of Crimson Dye.

Doth not the Stings of Conscience prick the Sore,
In laying Harmless Youths in Bloody Gore,
Ye Murderers all.

But now at Length your Trials they draw near --
Can you expect GOD's Righteous Laws to Clear ?
In doing This.

Impartial Trials we do hope to see,
And may no Bribes be Giv'n to set you free,
From Rightful Laws

But GOD hath said, the Murderer SHALL NOT LIVE.
Therefore (on Earth) who dare a -- Give,
And Slight HIS LAWS.