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Letter from Thomas Cushing to Roger Sherman, 21 January 1772

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Boston Jany. 21 -- 1772.


I am now to acknowledge your Favor of the 30th ultimo
inclosing Mr. Amiel Peck's Mortgage deed to my sister, I shall
write to Mr. Canfeild agreable to your advise relative to the
Land sold by my sister to Mr. Nichols, however it appears to
me somewhat extraordinary that after making a purchase
of this Land & giving a mortgage deed for security that
should be at his option whether to keep the Land or not,
if there was any mistake as to the Quantity it ought to be
[verified] but he ought to be held to his Bargain; I
should be glad to know the Value of the three Acre lotts
that were assigned me in ye division of the land at New
Milford, as these three lotts with the Eighteen Acre lot are
the only land I have now in possession in that place I
think it will be best to dispose of them for the most they
will yeild. please to Inform me what land it was my sister
sold Abijah Ruggles & whether she has yet ever disposed of the Eight
Acres she had a right to in ye Thirty Acre Lott the [Residue] of which
was sett off to my Children, be pleased also to Inform whether
our Right in Lands at N Milford is Entituled to any further Divisions.

I heartily wish, with you, that some measures might be Come
into to revive the Union of the Colonies; To place any great
dependance upon the Virtue of the People in general, as to their
refraining from the use of any of the Duty Articles, will
be in Vain -- The only thing we can at present depend upon
is the Conduct of the several Assemblies thro the continent and
however the People in general may be induced, for peace sake or
from a sense of their inability, to submit at present in some Instances
to the Exercise of, what they apprehend, the usurped authority
of Parliament, the assemblies ought to keep a watchfull Eye upon
their Liberties and from time to time to assert their rights in
solemn Resolves & continually to keep their agents Instructed

upon this important subject & to Renew their memorialls to the
King for the redress of their Greivances & the restoring their
Privilidges. It might be well also for each assembly to be
Considering what shall be their conduct as soon as a war
Commences, It is highly probable it will not be long before
the nation is involved in a bloody war with some of the
European nations perhaps next spring, upon the commencement of which we may
depend upon their applying to the several Colonies for
assistance by furnishing them with men & money -- It is of great
Importance therefore that the Colonies, at such a juncture
should act one & the same part -- Is it not therefore high
Time that each assembly should be meditating what answers
they should give & what conduct they should pursue in
consequence of any such Requisitions? Then certainly will
be the Time to settle matters upon a secure & permanent
footing especially if we can all agree upon one & ye same
plan of Conduct: would it not then be Expedient to
Consult one another upon this subject as soon as possible.
You are sensible This Province by being foremost in such
Measures has brought the whole resentment of Great
Britain upon them, we suffer at this day more than
all ye Colonies together -- would it not therefore be reasonable
that your Colony or some other should take the lead
in this matter, pray consider of it & let me know your
sentiments upon this subject -- I write in Confidence
as to a friend & therefore shall depend depend [word duplicated in original ] upon
your not mentioning this proposal as coming from me, for
many reasons which I shall communicate to you when I have
the pleasure of seeing you at Boston in ye mean remain
with respect

Your most humble son
Thomas Cushing